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We become what we hate

Posted by markdohle , 06 July 2013 · 288 views

I keep being told that if only people were more educated, or read more, or were just more intelligent, and then religion would fade away.  Of course none of the above is true.  The more educated a person is the deeper their faith will be if they do in fact do all of the above.

I believe that the adage:  ''we become what we hate" is easily shown in anyone who is bombastic about the beliefs of others.  Be it from atheist or believers of whatever flavor.  

Perhaps it is a human need to come out on top, to try to see oneself as superior to others and more intelligent.  In real life, people are people.  The atheist I know, well the ones who are not angry in you face sorts, or no more intelligent or knowledgeable than anyone else, they are just people who try to get through the day and along the way to try to make sense of life.  The others seem to be working through something from their past….I really don’t know….they are very difficult to talk to and that only makes them more angry.  

I live with doubt, the deeper I study, the more I experience my relationship with the transcendent, the deeper my 'unknowing' becomes, which makes me want to dive deeper in, not to swim towards the shallow certainty of atheism.....of course by shallow, well that is just my own opinion of most atheist I have talked to, at least when it comes to religion who are of the village atheist sort, the other side of the coin for the Westboro Baptist crowd....in other areas, well of course not.  True atheist; those who have no doubt about their stance, like those in the 'new atheist movement' come across as narrow, bigoted and do not get much coverage outside their own choir.  I do however like Sam Harris, he can come up with some pretty interesting things, mostly I guess because of his tendency to like and study Buddhism…..Which I like and study as well.  Buddhism will have a profound influence on the world as time goes on.  I am a Christian, and I have learned from Buddhist thought, for they have studied the mind much longer than we in the West have done and we have much to learn from them.

I don't believe that atheism is a dead end in our culture.  However the militant aspect of the movement I feel will only hurt them in the long run.  I do feel that atheist should be able to have their own public displays, post their thoughts on billboards etc.  When it is done with contempt however, it shows a lack of understanding human nature.  Contempt is the normal human way to deal with others outside of ones group....it hasn't worked in the past....I doubt it will work today....well except perhaps to raise the blood pressure of those who feel compelled to rain down their wrath and contempt on others who don't agree with them....this goes for everyone, atheist are just another group trying to find their place in the world as a group within our culture, I hope they find it.

Of course I have my own limitations in understanding the athiest point of view, so there are pitfalls I can easily fall into as well, for sterotyping is also another human trait that is not always helpful in seeking deeper understanding and communication.

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