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Is Atheism a Belief or a Lack of Belief?

Posted by markdohle , 08 September 2013 · 321 views

When asked to prove atheism is true many atheists say that they don’t have to prove anything. They say atheism is not “belief there is no God” but merely “no belief in a God.” Atheism is defined in this context as a “lack of belief” in God and if Catholics can’t prove God exists then a person is justified in being an atheist. But the problem with defining atheism as simply “the lack of belief in God” is that there are already another group of people who fall under that definition, agnostics.

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Lack of belief, and with some maybe a lack of will to believe as it is easier to switch off than make an effort. Some are simply lost....
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It can be not having found what you believe in, or just what we perceive a lack of belief where they dont. I dont even want to start it with the evidence thing, but think it's sufficient to say it's in your own best interest to see your world-views evolved, and that why it's you who should feel the interest to find out more about what's what, instead of being a flegmatic "gimme proof" -person. Sorry for the rant.
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All religions have their own beliefs and disbeliefs. Their is no true way to prove that a God exists until you are dead. People you will ask "What is your proof that God exists?" They will give you an answer that revolves all around Faith. Asking someone to give proof of God is like asking someone who believe with all their heart and soul ghosts exist. They will tell you their research, they will tell you their life experiences, but all it is in the end is their Faith for it. Atheism in my opinion isn't the lacking of Faith or Belief that is Agnostic. I believe that Atheism is the pure disbelief in a God, Goddess, Gods, or Goddesses.Then again there are many recognized religions that do not believe in a Supreme Being/Beings. So in my opinion Atheism is just simply another way of labeling someone. Nothing more nothing less.
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Dec 11 2013 05:21 PM
The word "gnosis" is Greek for "knowledge. (paraphrasing)  "Agnostic" is a seeker of truth, or enlightenment, if you will.  Atheism is denial of belief in a higher deity, or, more specifically, God.  Denial of any higher power is not inherently evil; it is merely a suspension of belief in ANY higher power.  Most of us all, at one point or other, seem to seek some type of affirmation concerning our mortality and reason for existence.  
Faith varies in it's value, insofar as expression in religion is concerned.  Faith in God exists as long as you can expound why you believe.  If you debate about WHY you believe, dogma can only be backed-up by documented facts.
I'm not defending either camp; merely briefly trying to illustrate the idea that even major differences in beliefs are sometimes separated only by tiny discrepancies.  
Isn't it also ironic that so many of us have relationships with similar subjects highlighted here?
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