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Tools for inner growth for everyone

Posted by markdohle , 16 October 2013 · 295 views

I find systems like the I Ching and tarot interesting tools.  I did use the Tarot for about 25 years but it has been years since I have used it.  When I started to use the Tarot, I found the cards gave me a way to give names to aspects of my inner self, as well as the relationship they had with each other, and how I could stand outside and learn from each of them.  Perhaps it gave a way for my fragmented self to speak to me and not just have vague irrational images.

The healthy thing about such system is that they give a way to take responsibility for ones life and choices, and can give alternate ways of thinking through a difficulty, or giving insight into some sort of spiritual problem.  It is a tool, an extension of the unconscious, a mirror that can reflect back, and I believe that any spread will respond to a question that deals with the inner life.  The future is always uncertain, changing with each small choice or large decision.  To think the Tarot can direct ones life, is a mistake, for I believe some inferior aspect of ones unconscious, or fragmented personality can take over and lead one down a path of dependency that can be harmful.

The I Ching I believe is the same, though it is geared from my limited experience, to make one think...to go forward, stay put, or withdraw in any given situation.  I used the I Ching a few times in my life, and the hexagrams were helpful.....though again any hexagram would be helpful because I let go of control for a short time and allowed the hexagram, or again the tarot symbols to work on me, to give me an angle to pursue in my deliberation.

Now I write, I believe the Tarot was a good instrument in allowing me to learn to name the many components parts of my inner life, which gave me a way to inscribe.  Though even now, when I write it is more like allowing a flowing river of thoughts to come up, I seldom actually think about what I am writing, just let it flow.  The sending for me is an important part of the process, and if not sent, then it seems that what I wrote is stillborn.  Crazy I know.

In fact books do the same thing. As a Christian the Scripture speak to me in a certain way because of the relationship I have with it.  Some people when they read scripture only clean negatives, or things to prove wrong, or to show some point that goes against faith or whatever Christianity may represent to them in a negative way.  Again, it is relationship that will bring forth a certain kind of fruit, or not.  Novels and other books, of philosophy, or psychology do the same thing I believe.

Of course I did not let many of my Christian friends know of my tarot or I Ching interest, they could not understand that divination is not the only way t use such tools.  To me the tarot is like opening a book at a random page and reading, allowing whatever comes to up teach and lead towards some sort of inner integration.

I made the mistake of doing a few readings for people.  For the most part, they just wanted me to tell them what to do, or to give them some sort of definite future, which I believe is counterproductive and even at times destructive on many levels.  The seeking after wisdom, is one thing, to try to control the future is something else altogether.

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