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From: The Virgin Mary

Posted by markdohle , 29 May 2014 · 468 views

View PostMarcus Aurelius, on 10 June 2009 - 05:20 AM, said:

I have no problem whatsoever with veneration and adoration of the Blessed Virgin. I have several Icons of her, actually. She is referred to as the Queen of Heaven often by Catholics. I would tend to agree. It is my opinion that she is what is often referred to as the archetype (Jung) of the Divine Feminine. God is spirit, what is reflected in matter is reflection of that spirit. Just as Christ is the fullfillment of the One God in the sense of God indwelling matter, completing all pagan forms of worship in that indwelling, I feel that Mary, in much the same way, is the fullfillment and completion of Goddess worship, which is the feminine aspect of the personality of God. For example, when brother Omnaka refers to 'mother' God, I take this to be, speaking for myself, Mary. I am not saying thatr she is God, but that she is spirit, that she is, again, the completion of the Divine Feminine aspect of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, which is limitless.

"O Mother of Perpetual Help,
  Grant that I may ever invoke your most powerful name,
   Which is the Safeguard of the living,
   And the Salvation of the dying"

-From a prayer on one of my icons of the Blessed Virgin.

Yes, I pray to Mary on occasion, she is to me a comforting extension of God, as Christ is an extension of God, with the fall you have a descended Adam, male, and Eve, female....fallen, corrupted.......Christ and Mary, then male, female, represent Ascencion in that same matter, perfection, the very counter of the fallen nature. She interceeds on our behalf. Just as one needs a father, one needs a mother. Should this be any different with God? At least as we see it here in the physical. In Heaven there is no duality, IMO, only spirit.

Lastly, I have no cause to doubt the Marian apparitions. I believe categorically that the ones the catholic church has approved of are indeed real, and are of God, not the devil, for much good has stemmed from them, even saving the life of the Pope. Further, when one looks at the records of these appearances, she points towards her Son, towards Christ...not herself. Just as Christ continues to act, so does the Mother.

Indeed, Hail the Holy Queen.

Source: The Virgin Mary

Marcus Aurelius
May 31 2014 04:25 AM
Wow, brother...I see you have found my archives!!! I think that may have been on of my very first posts one the forum!! I've been defending the veneration of the Mother of God (as a Protestant no less) ever since I've been on this forum. I have been researching Marian theology, miracles, apparitions, etc. for many years, Mark.

Indeed, if you like you can see one of my most recent debates defending veneration of the Blessed Mother here...

This was a really, really long running thread but just skip through my posts and you'll find what is actually my second friendly debate with brother Jor-el on her. I think you might enjoy it...
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Marcus Aurelius
May 31 2014 06:03 AM
-er...ONE of my first posts ON the forum...my it is hard correcting yourself on a cell phone...lol
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