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From: Believing Impossible Stuff Is Dangerous.

Posted by markdohle , 10 August 2014 · 308 views

I do get tired of the whole God debate, or is religion good for you conversation, or should be religion be passed on to their children. Yet I do get drawn into it once in awhile. Below is one 'conversation' on the topic. Atheism has always intrigued me so I guess that is why from time to time I get 'caught' by the whole round of the same old...


Psychology Comes To Halt As Weary Researchers Say The Mind Cannot Possibly Study Itself

Posted by markdohle , 06 August 2014 · 337 views

NEW YORK—The field of psychology was brought to an immediate halt this week as disillusioned and weary practitioners of the discipline reportedly concluded that the mind could never possibly hope to study itself.

Abandoning more than a century of clinical research, theoretical developments, and observational studies, psychologists worldwide announced...


Atheists donít own reason

Posted by markdohle , 03 August 2014 · 184 views

Atheists don’t own reason

by Tom Gilson
Foundation for Reason and Science. Sam Harris is founder and chair of Project Reason. The upcoming March 24 Reason Rally in Washington, D.C. is the new atheists’ latest and most visible attempt to send the...


Shawn Weed's NDE

Posted by markdohle , 17 July 2014 · 377 views

Shawn Weed's NDE

NDE's are not all sweetness and light.  I have studied them for years and think they have something important to tell us all.  This article is interesting, but to tell you the truth don't know what to make of it.  They happen, people experience different things, some experiences can make us uncomfortable.  Perhaps we tend to...


I Hated the Idea of Becoming Catholic

Posted by markdohle , 05 July 2014 · 237 views

I Hated the Idea of Becoming Catholic

It was the day after Ash Wednesday in 2012 when I called my mom from my dorm room at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and told her I thought I was going to become Catholic.

“You’re not going to become Catholic, you just know you’re not Southern Baptist,” she said.

“No, I...


From: Vatican recognizes exorcists' organization.

Posted by markdohle , 03 July 2014 · 245 views

I don't know why we think the modern scientific world view about demons is true.  Our ancestors were not dumb, in fact they may have been  in touch with reality on a deeper level than we in the modern world are.   We now know of...


The Immaculate Heart of Mary

Posted by markdohle , 01 July 2014 · 213 views

(This is a piece written by Fr. James, a member of my community.http://www.amazon.co...NR27F85YV9QC15AT

he Immaculate Heart of Mary

Helma was very old.  I used to bring her communion on the first Friday of every...


From: There is Satan, and then there is Satan

Posted by markdohle , 17 June 2014 · 291 views

In 1999 when I just tuned 50 (in Dec of 98) I discovered the internet.  While learning how vast the internet was I was excited to find that they had discussion groups on Yahoo and joined some.  Since I am interested in comparative...


From: The Virgin Mary

Posted by markdohle , 29 May 2014 · 352 views

I have no problem whatsoever with veneration and adoration of the Blessed Virgin. I have several Icons of her, actually. She is referred to as the Queen of Heaven often by Catholics. I would tend to agree. It is my opinion that...

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