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Another syncronocity

Posted by White Crane Feather , 03 November 2010 · 191 views

Syncronocity awakening Jung spirituality
So I figured I would post this. It happened a while ago, but it's interesting if not wild.

Donnie Darko syncronocity

This syncronocity started as a result of makeing dome posts on an unexplained mysterys forum. A young man contacted me after reading some of my posts on astrial
Travel. He asked me if astrial travel could help with a problem he was having with hair loss. He was told there was nothing he could do so he wanted to find some alternative methods. So I told him I'm sure if he learned how to travel spirits could help him. He was excited.... I thought it was done. Later that night an old student of mine came in. I had not seen him in a year. We were just talking and then I noticed that he was starting to experience some severe hair loss. He is a rocker kid and has always warn his really long. He showed me how severe it was. It was bad. For some reason I just assumed the guy on the forum was female...... I don't know why. And I said somthing like don't worry whatever happens you will still be beautiful trying to be encourageing ( funny now cause it was a guy). Then later after meeting with my student.... His name is Shannon, I reposted telling the guy that I'm sorry for whatever reason I assumed he was female. Then it occured to me this could very well be Shannon. It all made sense and syncronicities attack me like this. So I reposted hey you don't have long hair do you, and if you don't mind what is your first name. I thought for sure it was him. The cadence of his writting the syncronicity of the events. 

The guy replied quite indignated . I'm male, I have 5 cm long hair, and my name Is Darko. Bye!

He thought I was trying to be some cuooky psycic. I also thought darko was a very strange name. Never herd of it before. I figured he was just giving me some name. Maby he was. 

Hmmmm. Ok that was odd, never had syncronicities play out like that before. It was just beginning.

The next morning I was walking by mothers room......she lives with us. On her television was the menu screen for a DVD, and across the screen in big etherial white letters are the words DARKO. Donnie Darko 

Oooooop here we go. I end up watch watching he movie of course. It's a fictional psycological thriller. I'm not gonna give it away you can watch it for yourself. 

I was so overwhelmed watching the movie I was moved to tears. Here's why. the movie pretty much is about a young man following odd occurances and syncronicities to lead to a greater godd.... Hey is kind of going crazy. But that is not all. There is a fictional book in the movie (fictional being it's not even a real book......invented by the director I think) called "the philosophy of time travel" in it talks about the targeted person finding some sort of artifact blade. (during my crisis I found a clovis spear point) I have it now. There was also a tremendouse amount of imagry from some important journies I have taken onthe spirit world. I mean exact imagry. One of me brought me to my knees crying. At the end of the move there is a tornato or vortex surrounded by mountains. I have dreamt about tornados in mountains all my life. Even when I was a child. Just as it showed in the movie. At this point i am in just awe.

I get on the Internet of course. I have to research this movie. I know of course that it is just a movie but he syncronicities must be looked into. I find the six page prop book " the philosophy of time travel" and there are quite a few things that blatently jump out, but I don't know what it means. So I type in something like books and syncronicities to search for something. Of course Jung pops up everywhere. I research a little bit about him, and I come to the revelation that I am supposed learn everything about his research and writting. I'm reading now.

Believe me I know how fantastic it all sounds but that's the way it went down. Im not that creative to make it up. Infact that's the way it always goes down every time the Other world wants to show me something complicated. Simple things they do in the spirit world. Sometimes they last days other time weeks.  

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