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From: Astral Travel & My technique

Posted by White Crane Feather , 17 February 2011 · 90 views

View PostLusca_2112, on 17 February 2011 - 09:43 PM, said:

So the other night I was dreaming and was able to become lucid. I was in some hotel at a party and there was a man who was explaining the way time and life/death work. It was really hard to follow, but I did my best to keep up. I never saw this guy, but I could sense his presence.

He explained to me how to turn my lucid dream into astral projection, which was strange to me because I am still unclear of the difference. I have read that LD and AP are the same, but other places say they are not.

Anyway, he sent me to the opposite side of the room and told me to go to him. I could not have walked because there were lots of party goers there, some of which I recognized. So I willed myself to be where he was and when I did this he explained more to me, which I cannot recall. I remember ending up back to my original position. At this point the party disappeared when I decided to see if I could float through the ceiling. I did so and was amazed to say the least. I flew maybe 50 feet before I was attacked by a large bat. I mean huge. The size of a cow. I kept yelling at it telling it that it had no power over me, something I have done in the past to shadows I've seen during sleep paralysis. The struggle ended, I don't know where the bat went, but I ended up on the ground in the parking lot. I could feel everything getting hazy, so I looked at my hands and watched them melt. At this point I felt invincible! I walked about 10 feet and woke up...

I ran to the bathroom so I could write in my dream journal in the light. I felt amazing during and after this experience. My question is, was I able to AP from my dream or was I just dreaming. This happened last week and I have been unable to recreate the same effects, even though some of my dreams have been outlandish.

Any insight is appreciated, as I am not sure what happened. Thanks!
It sounds like several things happened. You were dreaming not ap.  Lucid reams are very different from ap. This is prooven scientifically. I Have a source if anyone is interested. Brainwave patterns are different.

Just because you were dreaming dosnt mean you can't talk
to spirits. It sounds like you have a guide trying to help
you grow. I suppose you can ap from lucid dreams but almost all of my dreams are lucid and I can't manage it...... I have tried. Dosnt mean that others can't though. I'm sure you were about to or did.

The bat was a phenominon kown as the guardian. It's job is to keep you in your body unless you are developed enough to defeat it. I sugest next time you are lucid or if you manage to ap go hunting for it. let me know if you need any  help.

Dreams are going to be scenerio driven. Things will happen to you. 90% of events in ap are going to be self initiated. When you are lucid dreaming you can ask your self if you are dreaming and the answer will be yes. When you are aping the answer will be no.

When you create obes with the methods on this thread, you will never loose conciousness. This is the easiest way to know you are not dreaming because you never Fell asleep.

Source: Astral Travel & My technique

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