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Out tonight

Posted by White Crane Feather , 26 February 2011 · 185 views

I have Set every thing up for a journy tonight. Pre sleep 3 hours.

My goal is to find that spirit from the other night. My guides have been silent for a while, I think that means that I'm doing a good job takeing over my own training. But something has happened that I want to discuss with them, so that is on my agenda aswell.

I did have a very disturbing dream the other night that lead into a syncronocity.. I don't have nightmares, things don't scare me, but ocasionally they disturbe me.

I was giving this young man a pIggy back ride for some reason. He was haveing premonissions of his own death. He kept showing me that he keeps seeing himself dieing like this. He let's out this blood currdling scream and starts swatting at himself.

The thing is...., he keeps showing me this. It's starts to piss me off. To the point where I am very angry at him. I keep trying to console him that he is going to be fine, I'm even carrying him. But he keeps doing it.

Evenchually we come upon this large fire. More like a wall of fire. He does it one last time. Then I toss him in the fire in anger.

Off course he let's out the same screaming and dies swatting at himself. His premonition was acurate. But it was the premonition that lead to his death.

So. Not likeing the dream, but just writing it off as one if those things, I was checking out the forums here and somebody posted a utube preview of a movie called 11,11,11. There was a scream on the preiview that was identical. I had never seen this preiview or even knew this movie was comeing out.

I hate that these things happen to me this way sometimes. I go to great lengths to keep negative energy away from me.

I've interpreted a handful of dreams over the years with this exact thematic focus (each one verified as true by the individual seeking my insight).

Anything on your back represents burdens placed upon you.  If it's an object, like a pack, it's likely something another is projecting upon you.  A person is a direct reflection of the individual them self (or a thought process of your own...actually, this is the case either way) is the burden.  This is something reoccurring; nagging, won't shut up.

Sounds like someone else is troubling you with their own concerns for failure.  Or (as mentioned) it's your own thoughts about not being capable of doing something (the whole "you can't do it, you're not good enough" line of thinking).  That sort of thing can build up negative pressure.

Think of the fire from the perspective of the Phoenix :

The fires of spirit
Are always purifying
They flinch at nothing
Balk at no obstacle
Strong, even in failure,
knowing that trying alone is a victory many do not attain

As for the movie reflection, I'm inclined to say coincidence, but other things I've experienced and interpreted leave that open.
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