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Journy this morning

Posted by White Crane Feather , 09 March 2011 · 171 views

Vision log
March 9 2011
Fell asleep on the coach again. It's easier to travel if I stay downstairs, so Im not disturbed by my wife.

No real purpose for the journy I have been wanting to explore and experiment with a few things.

I was haveing a dream about an issue going on my iife, oddly it's a similar issue that my nephew has, and one of my students/instructors. It has come to boiling point for both of them, and for my student it is now gone to far, I have been ranting about it to my poor pregnant wife about it, but a very large confrontation between me and him with his parents there is in the works. Depending on his reactions, I may end the relationship. (--- long story short, I found out my 17 year old instructor is having highly sexual text message conversations with a 14 year old student!!!!!!!!!!) I have become very emotional about this because I train those kids about the negative impacts of crap like this. He has completely betrayed me and his position .------ anyway. I'm highly charged right now so my dreams are reflecting this.

I initiated vibrations after waking.
They came instantly----- they seem to do that when I'm very emotional about something. I exited just by getting up again. I was standing in the middle of my living room and I could have sworn I did it physically and was not really out. I did a reality check by looking at my hands...,, nop I could not see them, so I was out. ( by they way this is a wonderful way to know you are in spirit and not dreaming... In dreams 100% you will slways see your hands.... In spirit they will not be there or melt away after looking at them)

The first thing I did was try to create some sort of healing energy with this situation mentioned above. The only thing I could think of is the orb given to by the plaidies spirit. I figured I would make something like that. I focused all of my mental energy into a small space right infront of me. The focus was some sort of healing energy to suround this situation.

Sure enough a small fuzzy ball of redish light started to apear right in front of me. As soon as I thought it was bright enough I told it to come back when I confront this kid. I sent it out, and It zoomed away. 

After that I walked upstairs. I was going to see if I could wake my wife up in spirit. I did. Although I was not talking to her conciouse self, I was talking to her spirit self. She was quite amazed at seeing me in spirit most of the conversation was just about her amazment.... Then all of a sudden I crumpled to the floor in Pain....Shocked, I sent myself back to my body thinking--- what in the he'll---

Hahaha as I returned I relized I was haveing stomach pains-----gas. Pretty intense ones. I was stupid, and had a late dinner of left over pizza. I know that I am lactose intolerant at night for some reason. I can handle dairy products during the day, but before I sleep it kills me. Native American blood I guess.

I endure it for the moment....... But then all of a sudden pulsing waves of chills start coursing through me. They are very powerful. This happens to me when spirits are present, I know right away that it is in the kitchen about 30 ft away. I turn to look in it's direction and then I say out loud but quite ---"what, your a little late....I think It was the pizza" ( this in normal reality now i am not out of body)

Then the chills Started to intnsify--- it was comeing toword me. It came right up to me. I'm not afraid of spirits, but I feel very disadvantaged if I'm in body and one is right on top of me because I can't see them. It's like being blind folded and somone you don't know is in the room with you. 

I say out loud---"ok that's far enough"
The intensified chills are coursing in massive waves from the back of my neck all they down to my feet. It's actually kind of pleasurable. They hang that way for a moment. I'm faceing the spirit with a ---what do you want--- look on my face. Then all of a sudden they are gone.

I lay back. Intriuged. On the television I have been playing my collection of Marti stafourds " Wild America". He is a naturalist that used to have a popular series on animals. I used to watch it with my father and it's a source if comfort when I'm stressed. The animals and Marti calm me. 

Then I hear my wife walking upstairs... Hmmmm she woke up right after that spirit left...... I bet a million bucks it was her spirt checking on me, after I collapsed to the floor. Cool!

---I know better to eat crap like that before bed or traveling. I even advise others against it.

---I can create healing thought forms and send them out.

---- I was aware that peoples spirits are active while they sleep, but this solitifies it for me. This was the first time I was aware of a sleeping persons spirit while I was in body.

LOL.  Yeah, the food thing can wreck havoc in the form of physiological responses.
I'm thinking the same concept for providing a 'clear path' for dreams applies here (and gives insight into the whole fasting idea) : No heavy binging before sleep/meditation/AT practice.

I'm firmly believe the interconnectedness of the endocrine system has a huge bearing on the experiences of these things; the pineal being in the navigator's seat of the whole system (insofar as these things are concerned).  Putting the wrong concoction into the body can cause...irregularities.  So it's not all that surprising, reading various magical rights and prayer rituals that what they ate and drank was scrutinized and rigidly controlled.
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