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Intense Dream

Posted by White Crane Feather , 26 April 2011 · 184 views

Vision log

April 26th
I had a very intense dream last night. First off I have never taken a huluicinagen. But for some reason I was interested in ths patch of mushrooms. Not surprising I have hunted for wild edible mushrooms before, ( don't worry I know what I'm doing) with this particular batch for some unknown I just ate a small one. ( I would never do this). Instantly I started vibrating. It was very pleasurable. It fadded. And I collected more of them. I was in this large under ground cavern with light. There were people there going about different things. One young man in particular seem interested in me. I don't remember what we were talking about. I'm getting ready to leave when I relize that I had mistaken the mushrooms I was carrying as some sort if snack food I was just randomly eating. I tried to force myself to throw up relizing I had just overdosed on what probably is a hullucinagenic mushroom. 

I turn to him to ask for his help, he said don't worry I'll see you through it. Not sure what was about to happened I resolved myself to stay calm. If under the influence of these things is anything like altered states that I can already acomplish anxiety was going to do me no good. Takeing a deep breath.... My mind slipped into total chaos. I cant remember everything that I saw I just remember that the things that went through my head were so far out that they were uninteligable.. I fought constantly to keep control of my anxiety. Ocassionally I would call out to the young man to check if he was still there. I could here him faintly against the back drop of total insanity reassuring my that he would pull me through. The last thing I remember was something devouring me, but I was completely surrendered to it so it did not hurt and I was not scared. I came to in his arms . It seemed like I was in that state forever. He helped me up, we walked around a little bit ( for the life of me I cant remember what we talked about) then he walked me to my vehicle I remember thinking what in the hell am I going to tell my wife.... and then I woke up.

I don't know what that was all about, I have never taken anything other than alcohol and I have no intention to, but dam if that is what tripping on drugs is like......count me out still. Besides it apears that I don't need to. That was the most intense dream I have had in a very very long while if not ever. It wasn't as much scary as just unsettling.        

I'm still rattled about it.     

May 05 2011 02:15 AM
reading your blog made me think you where dreaming something happining in real life and you know how we always feel we are us i think you where somebody else and seing his life and thinking how you would think as you thought you were him

your dream is kind of acurate to what drugs are like lol
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White Crane Feather
May 09 2011 05:31 PM
Interesting, I have had several of thise experiences, I hadn't thought of that for this one. Hmmmm
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