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The chair

Posted by White Crane Feather , 22 July 2011 · 134 views

Vision log
July 22 2011
Well interesting dream.  I was dreaming that I was staying over at this persons apartment  in a large city. The odd part was that I was there to learn something from him. Something very important. In fact this person was very Importent. At one time I was thinking this Is an odd sort of person to have met the president. The scenerio really begins with me waking in his apartment.

 It's morning, and I'm waiting for him to wake up. I'm sleeping on a recliner. I decide to take a journy, but meditations failed. Not sure why. I felt a twinge of vibration but I could not exit. ( I'm dreaming of course although a journy in a dream would have been very interesting)

I get up and move to a recliner outside. Oddly it's in a city and it's a ground floor entry way to his apartment. I rest there for a while. Normally i dont like cities but the trafic and people going by is somewhat comforting. Then I'm reminded that apartment entryways have video camaras. I look around and locate them. I'm no longer relaxed so I get up. (It gets a little hazy from here.) I find myself across the street possibly trying to help someone with something a child. It seems like I have someone by the hand. But there is something else I'm trying to carry as well. It's rushed the intercection is going to turn green. At the last moment I decide I cannot carry the other thing and I rush the child to the curb. ( I never did see the child. After that it's gone)

I look back at the intersection at what I had to leave behind. It's a chair. Part of it has been crushed by a car. ( I did not notice at the time, but this chair and I have a history. It goes way back to a dream I had 9 years ago about this odd chair just sitting in my halway with light shining on it..... Then during a period of time in my life that I have come to recognize as a transpersonsl or shamanic awakening..... Wild sets of synchronistic events were leading me to different learning sources... I was already haveing OBEs and doing things in spirit, but with no formal reading or understanding. Then syncronistic events brought one of Robert bruces book "astral dynamics  to my life". That chair is on the cover!!!!!!----same chair!!!! No mistaking it.....no possabiliy of a false memory or confirmation bias....)

No this very same chair is partially crushed in the intersection. Trafic is to heavy to save it.

I make way back to the apartment. He is awake this person I'm supposed to learn something from. Odd thing. I can never get a good look at his face. It's like on tv when someone is naked. Something Is always obstructing a clear view. Or he just happens to turn away. I follow him into a bathroom where he goes through his morning routine. I wait patiently to do the same thing. When it's my turn I brush my teeth etc etc.... I need to go pee really bad.  So I start to use the toilet. It's takeing forever. It's takeing so long, I hear him behind me saying something to the effect of ---quit takeing so long we have a lot to learn--

I try to hurry but I'm still peeing. It takes such a ridiculous amount of time...... That I notice the non reality of it and become lucid. I'm dreaming!!!!  This man does not have the quality of a dream character. Crap I can't stop peeing!!!! ( yeah I know this is getting comical ) that's when I realize that it's my body that needs to go pee really bad. Crap!!!! I'm going to have to wake up.  He comes in one last time inquiring about what's takeing so long. As I look over my shoulder I can see him now. Tall balled, he is a spirit guide that I know. Sometimes shows up as a white tiger. I'm angry that I'm going to have to wake up. ( I'm not to ashamed to admit once in my adult life I wet the bed while dreaming about peeing.... Not gonna happen) I despretly want to learn whatever is on the agenda. 

He starts laughing boisterously. He relizes what is happening. I try to stop peeing but I can't. Well nature calls. I wake myself up and go to the bathroom. 

The chair? It symbolizes something. Could it be I'm finished with a phase of learning and headed into a new one. That seemed to be the theme of he dream. Time will tell. I often wonder what's happening in dreams I cannot remember. Am I learning things that I am not concouse of? If I did not need to go pee what would I have learned?  Would I have even remembered?


12 years ago I had a dream similar to yours but also different. In my dream I was brushing my teeth on a yacht or boat with a full cabin. While I was brushing my teeth a girl with an attitude shows up. She comes on the boat and walks into the cabin where I'm brushing my teeth but she is also very agitated. It seems like she did not want to be there but she knew she needed to be there. I'm not positive on the name of the boat or even if it is actually the real name of a boat or just a symbol, but I think the name of the boat was "The Expediter"

A year or so after this dream I ran out of gas and was walking with my gas can to a gas station. All the sudden a small girl of about four started yelling with a loud voice by the 7-ll store I was walking by. The girl yells towards the sidewalk where I was walking and said, mommy look a tiger. She did said this 3 more times until her mother said no honey that's just a man with a gas can. I thought it was odd that this little girl so determined about this tiger that I looked for the tiger myself, that is until her mother spoke.

Now I have connections and access to a very controversial website, I'm not the author but I know the author personally and agree with him.

Since I have never read about a dream that was so similar to mine I decided to share this with you and will link the website below. I promise you I have never discussed this online before and to be honest I still do not know for sure what it means or if it is even connected to you.

The chair part of your dream is significant to me in respect to what I believe about spiritual rest. I will link or embed a video by Kent Mattox that discusses this rest, the chair from my perspective is the finished work of Jesus Christ.  Since your dream has a broken chair in it from my perspective it is significant. If Jesus is the symbol for the chair (he was broken on the cross) then it may mean a lot. If that is not what the chair means in your dream then it may be something else. I'm not trying to convert you to Christianity especially with all the corrupt forms out there, however I do believe in Jesus Christ. The part about the chair in Kent Mattox's video is about half through the video.

After you view this video by Kent Mattox you will understand why, at least from my perspective recommended this video to you.

I have had one other experience around the same time that I had my dream about brushing my teeth on a boat that to this day I still do not understand.

I had a powerful voice speak to me that was not earthly. I'm sure I know who spoke for I heard it in the natural and the spirit at the same time, it was so powerful that it vibrated my bones, I also I heard rushing water like white water rapids.

The only thing this voice said was this: Scott The Truck

Still to this very day I do not know what the Truck means except that it must be some sort of time signal. In others words when the time comes I will understand the meaning of this truck. Below are two links as well as Kent Mattox's video



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White Crane Feather
Jul 23 2011 04:24 PM
Thank you for that brother. Vibrating? Rushing water? You were experiencing the Divine...... Promise.

I'm not Christian, I have rejected all religions but I live with god in ways that no one can understand.

Eventhough I'm not Christian, there were some things that were said early in the sermon that are very true......"sit down, the work is done" I beleive this, and it does remind me to put things back into a greater context.

I often listen to Christian music because it is the only music the I find that is full of wonderment for the great spirit. With that said. Most christians consider me a demonic consort eventhough I'm more spiritual and closer to god than they are.

That does not stop me from hearing gods wisdom in any religion,
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Jul 26 2011 10:52 PM
I'm new to this thread, but I've read quite a few earlier pages, from 2006, and am very curious about the topic. What ever happened to socrates/ziggy stardust? I was reading his/her posts, and then they stopped while other people hijacked the whole discussion.
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