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Syncronicity time.

Posted by White Crane Feather , 01 August 2011 · 150 views

So, the syncronistic events have begun to flare up. Two events today. I'm going to update this blog with the string of events that will probably swamp me in the weeks to come. No doubt leafing up to a trip to the mountains I have planned in about three weeks. About 70% of These things that happen cannot come from confirmation bias, while the other 30 can because of my heightened awareness of coincidences.

1) ( major unlikely event) several weeks ago while on a small vacation with my family, I met this man and his family while crab fishing. I helped them secure some crab nets that had been forgotten and introduced them on what to do. The following week, I went hikeing into the mountains. As a fun prank and a little company ( which I rarely have ) I decided to sneak up on some of my adult students that were on a back country camping trip. I did. It was funny. They were so shocked that I could track and find them, and with a torn acl to boot. ( I consider it therepy). Guess who one of their friends was..... Yup the man I met crab fishing at the coast the week before..... Small world????? I guess??

2) this morning I get this long string of text messages from an unknown number. It has about five photos of a man and his wife. An older Mexican couple. I text back saying that they have the wrong number....... Then latter today I was walking down a trail to a lake near my house, and guess who walks right by me. He wished me luck because I was carrying a crawdad trap. Shocked, I thought I must have made a mistake..... Nope the woman comeing up the trail behind him with another elderly woman was his wife. I checked the pictures on my phone to double check..... No doubts it was them. I did not say anything. I have been through these things to many times.

3) today that dam Donnie Dario movie poped up again.... Geesh. how many times must syncronistic events refer back to a movie about syncronistic rvents.... Watch " chum scrubbers" is next.

The Donnie Darko thing could be confirmation bias, but the other two are astronomical in odds. Let's see what else pops up in the weeks to come. The end of these things always leads to some new lesson.

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