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Lessons in lucidity

Posted by White Crane Feather , 06 August 2011 · 123 views

Vision log
August 6th 3:50 am
Multiple dreams, false awakening, Lucid moments. New lesson.

I just had a string of dreams. I can't recall every detail but I'm not supposed to. I know that now.

 It started with me in a car with my wife. Im not sure how we got there I think we were car jacked or something. At some point the car is speeding backwards. I'm trying to press on the break but it wont work. The car is heading toward an intersection. It is at night so it's dark and there is no traffic. I keep trying to hit the break. I check to see if anything is blocking it. No matter what I do I can't stop the car. As this intersection looms closer I know I have to roll he car. I cannot allow us to speed through the intersection through the island and into the buildings on the other side. I'm actually very familiar with this  street. At the last moment I pitch the car into a roll. It tumbles and comes to a halt just by the intersection. 

Next thing I know my wife and I are outside the wreckage.  I take notice that neither of us are hurt. She does to. Looking back at the wreckage she says....." Oh my god were dead." 

I say no not necessarily. Were just knocked out and out of body the car is not damaged that bad..... We are probably fine. I tell her she probably won't even remember this, but I will.

She then points out that it's not over. The car has come to rest on tracks---- light rail tracks. And there is a light rail train coming.  No I say "look we are at the end of the track" the train will slow to a stop long before it hits us. At the most it will be a nudge. I then explain  to her how the train will slow down. 

It dosnt!!!! It smashes straight through the car obliterating it. Im not sure how it kept going.. It's a dream. At this point im deducing that the whole thing is a dream. I then tell her... Oh we Are dreaming. Nothing to worry about. Then I wake up.... But not really. There is music playing. My wife must have turned something on.... That's not like her. I reach over to touch her but she is gon. The room is dark so I feel around the covers and I realize this is not my bed. I'm still dreaming.... False awakening.

I drift back to wakefulness this time for a few brief moments. I can  see my wife's face I'm really awake, but I close my eyes and drift back into dream world. I then find myself. In a dream where I am at this couples house. I'm talking with them trying to convince them that stuff around their house comes from dreams i have seen In dreams before. They were excited and enjoying the conversation. 

I was astounded. Just about that time their door bell rings. And instantly I know it's another object from another one of my dreams. A package is delivered to the man. He brings it over. I'm am eager to see it and convince him to open it. He is reluctant at first but he does. I'm right! I know the object ( can't say why) it's a sleeping pad with foam nodules. For some reason the nodules were important. He seems disappointed that I recognize it. At this point I become lucid again. I point out to both of them that I am dreaming. They turn dark and sullen. It's ok I'll wake myself up now. I close my eyes expecting to fade back to reality. Nope. I'm still there. At this point they are standing on their feet. Knowing they are dream characters I was thinking a fight would be pretty fun..... But I still did not like how dark they had become. If this is now a lucid dream I should have more control. At this point I can feel the sleeping numbness on my face. Body awareness is coming back.  I start to leave but they block my way. I slam One in the chest with a kick knocking him back. But she is already in motion. Inhumanly fast she is at my side and her fingers have sunk into my shoulder and chest. I CAN FEEL them!!!!! Not pleasant at all. In complete animalistic fury I lunged  at her face with my teeth trying to tear at her face...( sounds brutal? I teach critical self defense to teenage girls) ......( whooooooo I'm about to enter a trance. My mind is slipping into theta while I write...... I'll go on a little journey and continue where I left off latter) ----- no journey just fell asleep. Good I needed it.)

Anyway I woke up snarling. At the last second her face had become pale and distorted. ----- that dam movie insidious---- I had watched it just so I could comment it  on it properly.  I even warned other people to stay away from movies like that if they were engaging in altered state practice. The highly negative Imagery affects us on levels we are not aware of. Those of us lucid and aware enough have to deal with it face to face and work through it. All psychological stress is delt with. It does not just go away. 

It appears that I have a subconcouse habit of deducing lucidity. Im even sending myself messages quite literally. The dream characters representing other aspects of my psyche know this and don't  like it. Because WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE LUCID ALL THE TIME.

I had read some studies recently that has identified certain parts of REM to be naturally negative. This is consistent with my own exploration and even interactions with other beings. I once went out of body to confront the things my son was seeing during his night terrors. I was pissed.

I did encounter a being that night at his bed side. When I confronted it. It was soft spoken angelic being. It informed that all  children at that age go through a phase where they have to learn about fear and their brain and fear responses have to be developed. It's a normal part of brain the development. ( I don't even think scientists know this) The fault was mine for not paying proper attention to his diet and sleep schedule. He is not supposed to wake up or remember the process. She was there to console all of us we he wakes up altered and hallucinating. 

At night we process negative information. We also continue to train our brains what to do under extreme fear. We should not be lucid during these times.

I will have to teach myself to stop sending lucidity messages.  There is such thing as to much awareness.

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