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Meeting of spirits

Posted by White Crane Feather , 25 March 2012 · 275 views

Yesterday I fell asleep on the couch for a few hours. When I woke up it was just a little bit before bed time. I felt like I was going to end up staying up late because I had just slept, and I really did not want to. I needed something o put me back to sleep  I went outside said a prayer of thanks and asked fir the plants life and grabbed a wild lettuce plant, and over to the Hill by my driveway and grabbed a California poppy ( whole plant). I put them in a blender with water a grinded them to a pulp. Then I heated it in a pot with more water to just before boiling and let it steep for about 20 mins. Then I strained it all through cloth. I ended up with a lot of potent tea. I put half ( about 2 cups) of it in the freezer for another night, and I sweetened the other half and drank it.

It was very potent but pleasant. I did not finish it because I could already tell it was working very well. I went upstairs and went to bed.

I did not initiate and exit or meditate. But somewhere in the middle of the night I became lucid while I was flying over my town. I remember wondering if I were projecting or dreaming.  it did not matter it was fun. I ended up over the lake not far from my house. Very beautiful. I was enjoying myself when I noticed there were a couple of spirits rising out of the water to meet me. Then a few more, then a few more. They were all different. Some woman, a couple children, some asian, a man with a heavy beard. At first I just watch them in curiosity but then they all were starting to get closer. Anxiety started to well up but I have an instant reaction to anxiety to let it roll through me without affecting me. As they got closer I slipped underneath the water to avoid them. Nope there were more down there. I shot up out at an angle to above the surface again, but the were still comeing. That's when I yelled out to them. " I don't know how to help you" no response. When the first one got to me it was the bearded man.  I was not afraid even though there were probably 15 or 20 spirits bearing down on me. I have tools for this sort of thing.

He reached out and grabbed my wrist. Not terribly aggressive.. Just needy like. About that time another from the water reached out and grabbed my legg... Again not aggressively.. I felt bad for some reason but they were violating my space. I initiated the 360 degree preassure pulse and launched and knocked them all a good 100 yards away. They did not seem mad just confused. I used that moment to shoot into the sky super man style.  After I was very far up above the cloud cover, I stopped. I could sense them following me. Hmmm time to wake up now, I considered briefly just flying back to my body, but I was worried I might lead them to my house. My oldest son is sensitive.

Instead I just closed my eyes and went back.

Dream? Projection? Ill go with projection, but typically out of caution i don't consider an experience a projection unless I exited on purpose. But it probably was a projection.

The spirits at the lake? If I were dreaming then they are just part my own internal conflicts. I don't feel this is true. This area and that lake have a very rich history.  Lost souls? Attached spirits? Can I help them? I don't know. I don't think so. I think they have to work through their issues just like we do. If it were just one I might see what I could do. But all of them comeing at me like that is a little disconcerting.

Everytime I take that wild lettuce and California poppy tea crazy things happen. Mabey it's more than a sedative.

Your story reminded me of something - I hope you find it interesting.
Graham Hancock - Mysteries of the Spirit World parts 1 and 2

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White Crane Feather
Mar 25 2012 07:35 PM
Awe cool. I just discovered graham with that blog entry I made. I'll check it out.
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Far out... So he says people and shamans travel to the spirit world to fight their own battles and anxieties to bring healing back to this world? And it's funny, each time I've projected - I have yet to see anything that was half animal and half human.  B)
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White Crane Feather
Mar 30 2012 03:09 PM
I think it's relative. People disconnected from nature may see other things. Plenty of people are seeing aliens, or part machine. The spirits are far different than animals. It's only our minds trying to somehow put them into context.
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So it's our minds that are trying to put into context through what is meaningful and relevant to us, perhaps so that we can understand. I think that is pretty awesome. It's sort of like that movie Contact, when Jodie Foster went to another planet and an alien appeared to her in the form of her father, because that's what was comfortable to her.

Am I way off?
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