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The beast within

Posted by White Crane Feather , 13 September 2012 · 407 views

I just woke up from a nightmare. I'm down stairs, it looks like my oldest has strep but I stay with them when they have fevors and it's just easier to sleep on the sofas.

It was very quick. Someone was at my front door, I went to open it... There was no one there. I close the door. Right after a body part hits the glass above the door. An arm I think. It sticks for a moment then falls off. I'm not lucid so of course I'm in a Holy **** mode. I lock the door quickly and push against it. What now? What now? I'm thinking in a mild panic. That's when like a wave it hits me.... The entire scenario. It's not like this scenario is happening in the dream, somehow I create a whole saga and story of this event and what happens instantaneously.

Imagine if you are at a particular point in a horror movie, but you have already seen it. You know what happens. This is what it was like. I just knew the rest of the story even thuogh it hadn't happened yet.

I was in a horror scenario where some torturous person or entity was going to keep doing things at my door. It wouldn't be there if I opened it, but it was going to leave gruesome things and terrorize me and my family. This was the plot of the dream. I still wasn't lucid, but obviously a trickle of dream awareness was comeing through.

Dam I should write screen plays. I just knew the entire scenario without any rym or reason why.

I'm still standing by the door armed with the this knowledge. I can just feel its approach to do something at the door again.

**** it!!! I sat to myself. I'm going to deal with this now. I wait until I can feel like the things is right at the door. I swing the door open and throw the entire force of my will straight at it. Funny that I'm using astral techniques in dreams that I'm not even lucid in.

I did not get a look at it. My attack was so savage and  forceful I woke up swinging my head around in a full animal snarl. Yes I was snarling in real life. Not the first time. An animal lives inside of me. It comes out in these moments. Luckily it did not wake up my six year old, it would have scared the hell out of him.

I'm laying here slightly disturbed by it all, but proud at the same time. Even while not lucid, my habits of facing fears and not hideing from what scares me is comeing through. Anchors in my personality that allow me to accomplish a great many things. I am very blessed.

I'm also amazed at my minds ability to create entire stories and scenarios instantaneously. No need to dream it all up, it can all come in an instant. So profound and usefull. This mind of ours is so awesome. The divine power of creation truly rests in us. An spirit/angle told me once that this is what is ment that we are made in the image of god.

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