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Got to write this one.

Posted by White Crane Feather , 18 October 2012 · 455 views

I have had so many dreams every night since my last blog. My mind is buzzing with them. There was one last night I really wanted to blog, but I went back to sleep and the details have faded.

This one I did not want to loose.

Im sitting along this mountain river. I'm waiting for somone. I'm waiting for may father ( deceased). I'm also haveing this internal conversation with something. Not myself. A guide or something. I almost feel like I have a job to do and this other person is sort of an authority figure. This voice is telling that I have a job to do. My father had the same job, but did not finish. Now he is fishing this river instead of mapping/exploring it. I'm still sitting there waiting for the other voice to show up in person.

It's starts raining. This small river is very beautiful especially with the thousands of raindrops starting to hit the various pools and edies.

That's when I see him. In a large pool up stream, I can sea my father sitting in a small boat fishing. Through the myst of the rain I can see his siloete.  It's absolutely iconic. So much so that this very image of a man in a small boat with a baseball cap  is actually carved on his grave stone.

I remover wondering how in the heck he navigated all theses small waterfalls and such with that little row boat.

I am aware that this is not totally normal reality, but I'm not lucid either.

Finally the other person arrives. Not really a person. It's an entity of some sort.  She takes me on a tour of a short section of the river. She is flying but I am on foot. Though a few times I do leap/fly to different rocks and such. The river gets wider with different water formations and structures.

Quit suddenly I hear the voice of my father. He is warning me that further downstream the water level is starting to rise from the rain and to be careful.

Now traversing greater formations, I hear this loud crackling noise followed by thunder. When I hear it again, I look up and see these most wonderful lightning formations crcakIng in the sky. As I navigate the waters they start to get more frequent, they do not simply flash like normal lightning the crackle and make different patters for 3-5 seconds. Very beautiful, but it was starting to make me nervous because I'm am standing in the water. The lightning shows begin to increase as I travel down stream. And the network of waterways begin to get more complicated. I evenchually wake up with the sound of crackling hi voltage energy fading from my ears.

Interesting dream.

Ever Learning
Oct 18 2012 09:26 PM
was your dad religious or have any beliefs? wondering what undone work meant?
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White Crane Feather
Oct 19 2012 04:15 PM
My father was a spiritual man, though not religous. He did not work with people, or do anything interesting. My father lost his first wife ( no my mother) to cancer, and raised my brothers on his own, then they were both killed in their twenties. One had something to do with a secret military maneuver, that left him parlyzed several years befor his death, the other was a motor cycle accident.

Oddly enough he became more spiritual after that. He stopped drinking and stopped somoking and retired to somewhat of a hermit like existence. He was an older dad for me. 50 when I was born. So eventhough he was my father, he acted more in a grandfather capacity. He succumb to lung cancer when I was 19.
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