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Mounting synchronicity

Posted by White Crane Feather , 15 December 2012 · 517 views

So with my last journey then the following syncronistic conversation the following day, I did some research on ATV conversion to ethanol.

I do not think it has anything to do with that. I do think the message I heard was ment to draw my attention to this friend I have. I have lunch with him every Thursday. He is more of a lunch buddy. I met him haveing lunch every week at the same place. Then he stopped comeing in all of a sudden, then a few blogs ago I mentioned I had some dreams where I saw him withering away. Then I saw him in the gass station and he was on a cane and shaking like he had parkensens. I did not see him for quite a while after that. I went into the little restaurants every Tuesday and Thursday hopeing to run into him ( we never exchanged numbers). I was very concerned for him, and even the bartender became concerned for him after I told her that I saw him in bad shape. Finally he came in and, I was releaved, and openly do. He was very touched that Somone had become so concerned about him.

Turned out he had some sort of virus that's pretty common actually but attacks his nervous system. He was on a respirator for a while, but he pulled through it.

Turns out that we have done very similar intrests. He is an economist and is into traditional barter. I offered to let his son train at my school, because he has an interest. Then I bought a new hunting riffke, and it just do happens that he has stored 308 ammunition but no longer has a riffle. He gave me a box and I gave him some of my traps. He wants to give me his ammo on exchange for training his son.

Now the journey I took and heard those words and the very next day it refers back to him. Now I'm seeing more and more syncronistic pointers everywhere.

No. It's not about ATVs. It's about him. possibly his son.

The breadcrmbs do not lie. When the universe speaks I must listen.

I just write this fluidly without edit, I apologize for any grammer issues.

Thanks for listening

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