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Another grand epic drem.

Posted by White Crane Feather , 15 January 2013 · 572 views

I have had a few recently, but this one was awesome. It was a cross between just about every Alian movie I have ever seen. As usual im switching characters throught the dream as events unfold.

In short it's about a highly evolved biological Weapon called a philandacle. It has escaped and is turned loose into the country side. It is overly efficient and intelligent killer and that is the only it knows to do. Constant killing. It was a bit of nightmare to begin with. The darkest possible imagery. At one point it slaughtered an entire wedding reception. I can't get into all the details they are fading from me and I'd be here for hours.

But one of the main characters was some sort of agent that knew what it was. He was trying to divert the creature. He discovered that the philandacle was so bent on being a hunter that it would chase a large dog and kill it first because it was more of a physical challenge than a human.several times he narrowly escaped death by leaping into a back yard with dogs.  This was one of the first times I got a look at it. It's a changling like creature but it was solid black with several hornes and spikes in various places it was man like but sleek and muscular. If reminded me of a cross between tow creatures in the book "Elf stones of shamnara" by terry brooks ( a child hood favorite). The dada Moore and the reaper. These were demon like creatures from another realm.

Quite entertaining. A bit like watching an action thriller. There was even comic relief. At some point the philandacle tracked this older woman who was a bit of a crazy psychic. She knew it was comeing and stood behind a door. When it approached, she said through the door.

" I know you are going to kill me, but I just want one thing." she opens the door and faces it. Intrigued at her bravery it nods its head. She says, "I want to see your butt"

"my butt?" it says in a very guttural voice.

It then turns around and stands with its back to her. She looks at its butt, then swings her foot a kicks it in the butt

Then she runs laughing down the hallway.

""hahaha at least I kicked your butt!!!!"

The philandacle was shocked and even a bit amused he gave a half hearted persuit and after she dove in a lake and was clumsily trying to swim away, it decided to let her go.

There were many other scenarios.

Best friends that end up in a stand off with it

Fire and police personnel trying to put together these rapid fire mass killings. The philandacle is so elusive no one even resly lives to see it and talk, do the authorities are baffled znd in panic mode.

I don't know why I have these dreams, but sometimes I think I should be writing screan plays. They are probably a little goofy for Hollywood. But they are so fun. Every time I have them I emerge with this feeling that I have actually fought these battles and participated in the drama. I'm not usually lucid during these, so the emotions and experience become part of me. It's just simply incredible. Sometimes I feel like I'm a battled hardened scifi kick but warrior. I have even taught some of the martial arts discoveries I had made in my dreams.

Quite a life!!!!

34th prototype
Jan 17 2013 05:10 AM
you must have had spent entire day infront of Tv.. Lol you are seeing dreams like seeing movies..
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White Crane Feather
Jan 17 2013 03:46 PM
Well there are certainly elements of movies I have seen in the past.
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