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An interesting lesson and a call from the spirits.

Posted by White Crane Feather , 01 March 2013 · 614 views

Couldn't sleep last night, there were to many things on my mind. Finally I just gave up and Decided to journey. It was very quick vibrations only took moments to create. Then I sat up oob. I never cease to be amazed at the feeling of separating from my body. Standing there looking at my bed with, myself, my wife, and my baby in it, it occurred to me ( because of some conversations on UM) that I could probably use  this very same methodology to put myself to sleep. It would just be a matter of letting the vibrations fully take me.

I then walked downstairs. I took a quick glance into the mirror on the stairs... Yup... The usual distortions. I have staired myself down before, I did not really want to do that wrestling match again this night. I turned away before I let it affect my mood. I then stepped through the large window and floated up into the air an shot for the stars. I floated just above the earth and hovered there a moment takeing in its beauty. We really are A chaotic turn of evolution aren't we? At certain altitudes I can see the massive clear cutting done in the pacific northwest and I shutter at the loss of life. All those magnificent trees gone. You would think with all of our intelligence we would have learned the lesson of Easter island. Nop. We are intent on turning the earth into a desert. At these moments I become ashamed of the wood in my house. I participate just as much as everyone else. How will we ever stop? We are so out of tune with nature, it will evenchually force us back or be our destructors.

After just hovering there for a while, I dove to word my house locating my state, then the lake and finally my house. Upon approaching my house three entities were floating above it much like bees around a flower. I already knew what they were. Eyeless entities. My mental construct for viruses or other sicknesses.  I wasn't surprised, it seems there is a constant flue or cold comeing home with the kids. My ancestors would have called them evil spirits, and it's easy to see why. If the shaman saw them the way I do, no wonder. At first I thought that to, but time and observation taught me.

I flushed them away with a brush of my will. I don't know if it does any good at all, but I don't like to let them just stay there. Afterward I floated down into my room, and a spirit guide was sitting on my bed. She got up and greeted me with a hug. As beautiful and brilliant as ever.  I did not have to say anything they always know what I am thinking. She said that I'm seeing the eyeless ones more now because I'm becoming more aware. I see them that way because they do not have a conciousness like mine. My inturpretation of a lak of similar conciousness is to construct their form without eyes. An old adage about eyes being the windows to the soul comes to mind. She then tells me that Somone wants to see me and that I have to make the journey in person. A trip into the vantana wilderness. I asked her what this was about. She didn't answer she just kissed my forehead  and then I was back. I laid there for a few moments and then I decided to experiment with putting myself to sleep with vibrations. I called them up and let them take me... it worked like a charm. I was asleep in moments and diving into my endless dreams. At one point I could see the ventana cone in the distance with a soft blue aura around it.

Last time I went down there my truck broke down in hollister. I guess I'm headed back soon. I'll start makeing preparations. Since my knee injury I have not been able to complete arduouse hikes into tge wilderness areas, but I'm feeling like its time to test myself. I think I'll leave in about two weeks.

You have Quite the journey ahead of you it sounds like. My case most of my journeys take me into the realms of demons. Sometimes I have contact with an angel of 2 but not that often. I often seem to be engaged in battle or purification with/of spirits. Though For the past few years I haven’t been nothing more than just an observer, or I have been attacked.  I truly don’t have any formal training in dealing with spirits, much of my talents come natural to me.  For the most part my energy is of a chaotic nature. I seem to always work with the energies of the storm or of shadow. It would be nice to be able to get proper training and guidance if I can, but I have no idea where to start. One other question I have for you: are you familiar with someone, or something called the Phantom warrior?  Are you familiar with something called the Phantom gate? I was told in a vision when I was younger by a floating gypsy head that I was to become the phantom warrior and to travel through the phantom gate.
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White Crane Feather
Mar 02 2013 08:13 AM
Sounds interesting seikage. Yes I have had my bouts with shadow aswell. Spirits communicate in higher contexts than normal language. "phantom warrior/gate" will have a much larger meaning that what is apparent. I have seen this case often. My mother had a dream before I was born that an asian giant told her to name me my name and that I would rise to it. It would seem that thats what I am doing. Keep me posted when you finally put it together, I can already see some deeper meanings in it, but that it is for your discovery. Tak care.
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