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OOB and the sunrise

Posted by White Crane Feather , 29 August 2013 · 458 views

I slipped out of body this morning as the sun was rising. I went outside to witness it. I walked straight through the door and onto my front porch. I timed it about right. I had to wait a couple of moments before the sun started she itself. The light was incredible, I felt warm beams shoot through trees to make my skin tingle. I can't explain it but the trees and plants sort of came alive. It was not a visual experience but I could still feel them celebrating in the light. It was almost if they were cheering.

That's when she stepped out of the light. I can't explain any better than that. It was like the light was a door and she simply stepped out of it. It was her. The spirit I call the garden goddess. She is the most beautiful feminine visage I have ever seen. A goddess that represents everything feminine.

She smiles at me, and I am simply elated that she is here. I always feel a little guilty because meetings with the goddess often turn into lovemaking, but I have to remind myself that OOB lovemaking is really about union. It's a symbol of ultimate connectedness and is not actually a physical act .

She hooks my arm and brings herself close to me, she is about half a head shorter than I am. Her smell is perfect, she smells like flowers. She kisses me on the chin and  says "how's my little bear." ( a reference to the first time I met her). She also motions her eyes up, it can tell she wants me to fly. I lift us both into the air and start sailing toword the sierras. We are flying standing straight up.  We fly over an emense smoke plum from wild fires across the sierras. They look more like clouds. Sensing my thoughts about how destructive the fires are, she says " it will recover, it always has.... It is supposed to be this way.... The old must be swept alway to make room for the new."  

She kisses me then and we make love in the air.

When I come to, I go outside to where she stepped out the light. It's a little breezy and cool outside. I can't help but marvel at what I get to experience. Be it simply inside my head or something grander it dosnt matter. What is she I wonder. A wonderful spiritual entity..... A real goddess? If so why does she come to me? Or is she simply my mental construct of the perfect woman. What does that say about me? I suppose most men would conjure the perfect woman  in their mental spaces if they could. To me she is so real. I can still smell her. What ever she, it's a testament to the human mind. I am so bey blessed to apart of things that are hidden from most. Wether it's in the underlines of reality or the hidden depths of a physical mind it dosnt matter.... It's incredible..... and I get to partake.

Thank you god.

spartan max2
Aug 30 2013 12:57 AM
dam, I wouldn't care if that was real of just in your head either. lucky sob lol
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White Crane Feather
Aug 30 2013 05:11 AM
I admit..... I have nothing to complaint about. Sometimes my internal imagery is so powerful in a nightmare I feel as if I have lived through it, and wake up sobing, then there are my encounters with her. It's defiantly worth it. The experiences I feel I have are as bright and real as physical life. Some days I just get lost in the memories. It's intensely amazing.
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