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From: My first experience

Posted by White Crane Feather , 10 October 2013 · 333 views

I love to share success stories. Thank you very much Andrew. You are a mature and intelligent young guy, the world needs more people with your level of awareness.

View Postandrew-pd, on 04 October 2013 - 08:16 AM, said:

Really? Thats really awesome. And personally I think i know about the mother part (if you want more detail PM me). And the blue on my face part was just like a smudge (may have been from where i looked up and looked down within a fraction of a second because its quite a scary thing looking into the mirror to something on your face which isnt meant to be there) It kinda looked like very miniscule light blue serpents crawling around) I quickly closed my eyes and felt at ease then tested the jumping through a wall, which honestly felt so great! i could literally feel where the wall was going through my body.

Im really glad to be ready to do all this now, for years and years when wanting to astral project and get to the sleep paralysis stage I would shout in fear (well atleast try shout) and try get back to myself. Every single time without fail I let fear take over (Ive had about 20 SP) and feared them all. So im just really happy now I know exactly what to do and can start journeying, yay!

...Infact crane feather (or how i remember, seeker) , we go a long way back; i came to you asking for advice when i was sixteen, im nineteen now. This may jog your memory a little bit (from a PM)


Hey keep in mind, that mr. Walker can turn his lucid dreams into ap.

You will probably have to follow the methods. Lucid dreaming, physical reality, and astral projection are all different but all preception uses your minds ability to construct your experience of the world you are in. Wether dream world, real world, or astral world. Dont confuse lucid dreams with ap.

I would work on getting astral vibrations first. As for meditation, you should start by researching as many methods as possible. Those with empty mind concepts work best for me. But ultimatly you will settle on one.

One more thing....... I know all of this is interesting, but you are sixteen. There is plenty of time. Make sure you are doing teenager stuff to. You are not going to become spiritually developed without experiencing the things life has to offer. It's part of the process. Balance is everything.

This was 3 years ago... from you to me. Great, isnt it? Im so glad you still update 'a man awake' i very frequently visit.

I havent wasted the time and information you gave me,  ive learned how to induce SP for AP very easily just had always not gone too far where the fear kicks in, i meditate, i sit down relax my mind and can obtain complete nothingness just a pure calm mind, which leaves me with euphoria also.

And now that my fear has been realeased I ask you a favor to teach me the basics of being 'outside' of the body, a few examples... I cant see. The vision of my out of body is of that of a baby that has just took its first glance. Which is why i kept them closed. The only things i saw during that experience with immense detail is of the women and my mum.

BTW seeker (hey i can still use that right? :innocent:  ) I appreciate everything you've done (teaching me when 16, blogging your journeys and such) and one day i will be blogging my journeys! I just feel you should have some recognition, you have given me (and many many others) so much usefull information and would like to thank you for that. Much love and respect my friend.

Source: My first experience

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