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Another movie dream

Posted by White Crane Feather , 20 October 2013 · 460 views

Wow. I had this fantastic movie dream last night. I have them occasionally but every time I do I am utterly blown away at the rich detail and plot lines.

I was an astronaught in space with three others. We were performing some kind of experiment on a large object. Something went wrong and the object fell to earth. I tried as hard as I could to stop it but I was unable to. When it hit earth it caused a catastrophic doomsday like  explosion. The earth was so messed up, we put ourselves in stasis for quite a few years so that we could have a place to land after things had calmed down.

When we came out of stasis something had changed on earth. Somehow most of the land had disappeared. We made a bit of a crash landing on an island. Islands were the only land left on earth.

After some exploration I made contact with a woman that was a scientist. She was studying this particular island to see if it were sinking. At first she was very nice and contacted others and they came with a boat. I was surprised anyone had survived that cataclysm we created.

This changed though. It seems as If the people left on earth knee about the experiment in space and also knew we caused it and were still up there in stasis this whole time. They were p***ed off. It led to a trial, a death sentence, a narrow escape, many battles and boat chases. Sheesh. Im not going to write it all, but one could write a screan play from what happens in my head at night. Quite amazing that it can all fit together like that just as a dream. Most people seem to have scattered dreams and mine are to sometimes but these dreams are different. They have expanded plots and character development and complex themes and imagery. It's just like a movie in my head though when I wake up, I feel like I have actually lived these events in another reality. Even the feeling of being struck, drinking, eating, sliding down a hill, almost drowning, or kissing seems like it really happened.

I am continually amazed at what our minds are capable of. I know in my heart there is a powerfully intelligent being inside if all of us waiting to hatch out of our mental spaces. If Somone could only find the keys to unlock human potential I think humanity could be become something far more than we ever dreamed of.

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