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From: Boring old hagg

Posted by White Crane Feather , 22 November 2013 · 395 views

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I think mine was better looking... :lol:

That is exactly the first impression I got with my recent encounter. that it was a parasite and parasitic in nature..

The other impression I got from my encounter was that it could have been sent to me, (like an assassin) well, err, more like a meter reader or tax collector really.. Come to tap into my energy and take what didn't belong..  I guess, if you view these types of entities in some kind of astral hierarchy, they'd be lower order minions I suppose, which kind of makes sense when you think about it because old hags are more well known and more often seen an experienced than their real masters.. Nice analogy being that we see parking wardens every day, but never see their boss. :unsure:
Another way you can look at it is a  prod or a push. It really was this "entity" that p***ed me off enough to start fighting back. without it I'm not sure I woukd have what I have now. Conquering it, overcoming it, even controlling it have been important steps for me. I teach martial arts, and throwing difficult obstacles in the paths of my students  is the only way to create experience and create evolution of their thought processes. Could the hag ( or its other manifestations) be a training tool? It seems like it would be harsh, but in truth the animal that we are is ruled and controlled by fear. I don't know of a single story from Jesus to Mohammad, Native American shaman to Hindu holy men ( real ones) that do not have the theme of faceing "demons" and over coming them. My favorite story is siddartha grounding himself with the earth in the face of the demon hordes of Mara. Or Jesus faceing the devil in the desert and casting demons out of others.

One time I woke up with claws latched onto my leggs. I reached down with my mind and took control of them and made them massage my feet. I fell back asleep chuckling at myself.

Shaman are said to have control over demons, and our dogmatic  brothers and sisters would say in in league with the devil. Which isn't true of course.

I'm just saying there is an ancient process at work here. It's not just shadow, it's not just a astral ecology. If I were going to try and help  humanity evolve consciously I would need a method that addressed their fearful nature and and forced them to give it up.

Fear is our greatest obstacle and weakness. It's responsible for all the evil that we are capable of and all the retardation of our potential. If I were a force in the spirit world trying to help humanity or a person, it would be the absolute first thing I would address in any kind of awakening.

Occasionally the local Wiccan group calls me up with someone who is suffering terribly from SP. I go through the standard medical questions and always recommend sleep study's etc etc. but then the first thing I tell them is that they are a very blessed person.  They are a little shocked to hear that, but it opens them up and amazing changes occur once they realize it.

Source: Boring old hagg

You know, I really think you might be on to something with the hags being training tools. Hm, since if being blessed in spiritual/soulful level should translate to increased well-being in physical level, perhaps hags could be there to take it from you if you're too weak to appreciate it and hold it "properly", with grace or like that, so that you dont fall so hard when someone would take that happiness from you through the physical dimension, through mundane, more worldly means. Probably a two-fold purpose, take away pre-emptively or assure you're strong enough & help you train?
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White Crane Feather
Nov 23 2013 06:51 AM
I don't know Mikko. Makeing sense of why is very difficult. Only results are predictable. Highly spiritual people always seem to be a little more .....tortured than other people. It seems logical that if we are to wake up a bit, overcoming our animalistic fear would be necessity. I can't think of a better way to challenge Somone than to grab them while they are sleeping and drag them out of bed or any number of standard SP experiences.  The strange part is that it seems to have a standard set of tools and visages. You don't see a dinosaur or rabid dog or any number of other things that could scare people. It sticks to certain things.
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It can be hard to overcome that animalistic fear when we conform and seek more comfort, and thus run from the opposite. I've not had a hag experience yet, but I think it's good to be more aware despite the uncomfortable feelings that can come along. With time you come to realise you're more safe and sound that way, not just deduce but realise. I think we need to overcome short-sightedness for that, and just dare to look at things. Pain, discomfort and fear and that which we sense, and we need to see more than that when we look at the source of our pain and fear and discomfort. And turn our mind's eye to look at the more in there.

Like you did with the hag.
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Dec 02 2013 01:32 AM
Yes... I so agree with this and think about it often.
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