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Movie dream x 4

Posted by White Crane Feather , 24 November 2013 · 286 views

This is a crazy strange movie dream.

I dreamed that I ran into this community by an ocean that was home to these people that were not really people. It's in the afternoon so the details are starting to fade.

I was with people and this community were people made out of this kind of stuff. It was like an alien substance that took over people's bodies. At first I made a narrow escape but members of my group were caught and turned. Other members hid in the hills, but I want back to save some but I was captured. It was quite a battle.  

There were many scenarios but I want to make it quick. At one point the took me to a room and tortured and burned  my friend to show me that the stuff they are made of can make them nearly indestructible. He was placed in some kind of fire room and repeatedly burned. When he came out his body was sort of Caramelized. They took him off to be put back to normal. It's like they were trying to convince me that it was good to be like them.

I made an escape realizing my friends where now them. I reunited with my other friends but there was no way out in the hills and other routes had been blocked. It was a beautiful hilly town by the ocean with a wonderful marina. I made the decision we would make it to the marina and steal a boat.    

It was quite a battle at the marina. No weapons but much hand to hand. We tried to get a small fast boat but couldn't. I lost a few that were with me then. But I dove into the water. That's when I came to the revelation that I was no longer on earth, I was in a different place that only looked like earth. Some sort of transport had happened on my hike. The water wasn't water. It was some sort acostic chemical that I could barely tolerate. Or rather there was something in the water that was acostic. I barely made it out coughing and choking. A 2 others did to. But we were down to three and still being pursued. I managed to procure a large high speed yaht like boat. We had to gun it smashing into  other boats as they tried to block us. We almost made it until these boats with gatlen guns intercepted us and opened fire. I barely made it off on a high speed dingi. The other 2 perished.

I sped away realizing I was not where I was supposed to be. The water was strange. There was a chemical mist coming from it. I was In despair because I could not fathom trying to survive In such a hostile place. I woke up a bit relieved, but also strangely intrigued about the alien substance trying o convince me to be like them in a hostile world. They could have turned me like the others but they were trying to convince me.

Strange. One thing I learned. Never go swimming in nail polish remover.

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