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A man awake



Posted by White Crane Feather , 30 September 2013 · 445 views

Last night I awoke with vibrations coursing through my body. I open my eyes but closed them again because I knew Somone was there. I completed the transition to an altered state of consciousness. There she was standing at the foot of my bed, a woman in her latr 40s. I sat up  ( obe) and asked what she wanted.

She said that something was wrong with her...


A strange and beautiful life

Posted by White Crane Feather , 20 September 2013 · 387 views

I just got back from the coffee shop getting some tea. I needed something to sooth my throat and I was out dropping my kids off at school. I got my toddler some chocolate milk. I left it on the hood of the car. We fed the chickens then came in side. Soon enough he realized he did not have his treat and wanted to go get it. I got my aching body up again with...


They hit.

Posted by White Crane Feather , 17 September 2013 · 314 views

Both me and my two year old are now sick. It hit me halfway through classes. By the time I was done I was experiencing chills, fever, and aches. I kinda felt it yesterday but I was working in my garden pretty hard so I thought I was just tired and dehydrated.. It's going to be one of those wrap up and sweat it out nights.

My premonitions tell me ahead...


Eyeless entities

Posted by White Crane Feather , 12 September 2013 · 650 views

There back!! It's that time of year again. It doesn't matter how many time I see them, they always bug me.

I want on an OOB rampage trying to blast them all with white light. But I'm not sure it does any good. I'll make trip to Costco and store up on children's Advil and tylonal. Typically fevers start in the house within a...


OOB and the sunrise

Posted by White Crane Feather , 29 August 2013 · 461 views

I slipped out of body this morning as the sun was rising. I went outside to witness it. I walked straight through the door and onto my front porch. I timed it about right. I had to wait a couple of moments before the sun started she itself. The light was incredible, I felt warm beams shoot through trees to make my skin tingle. I can't explain it but the...


Last Sunday

Posted by White Crane Feather , 14 August 2013 · 441 views
shamanic experience
I projected from my hammock tent on Sunday. I took a hike into some wetlands and did some reading and resting in my hammock tent. I meditated into projection and encountered a teaching spirit I have not seen in a while.  The blue shaman. She is sort of stocky but still beautiful woman with dark hair and Asian features but she is totally blue. She has tribal...


Sugar high? What is that?

Posted by White Crane Feather , 13 August 2013 · 346 views

I have been on a vegan diet since Saturday. I just drank a large glass of coconut water, then bamb, 5 minutes latter I'm experienceing this high like an opiat. I am shocked.

We are so addicted to sugars, I am amazed at how I feel just from changing my diet. Honestly I think I have been eating so much sugars all my life, I have never had a sugar high....


"When will we ever stop arguing?"

Posted by White Crane Feather , 11 August 2013 · 437 views

I had a lengthy discussion with a spirit this morning. Mostly about me I'm afraid. I was made aware of some severe short commings and congratulated for some strengths. I was reading Carl Jung before I stopped for a while to meditate, so after a several hours of this intense focus on me and my obligations to my family and my environment, I asked her a...


Never a dull night

Posted by White Crane Feather , 31 July 2013 · 701 views
false awakening astral arms

Early this morning roughly 3 am. I heard a large shattering noise. Like class but a computerized quality and echo. It awoke my mind. I reach over to wake my wife thinking the noise might have been real. As I reached I knew something was off. It wasn't my real hand. My real arm and hand was wrapped around my midsection.

Hmmmm sleep paralysis, and a...


It started again

Posted by White Crane Feather , 30 July 2013 · 455 views
uncanny syncronicity
It has all started again. Is early in the morning and energy is pulsing through my body. All things are connecting and converging all of a sudden. It started recently during an OBE when I just sat in the waters of my ocean. I have come to believe that the ocean in these visions represents the great spirit of God. I surrendered to the great spirit and I sat...

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