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My Daughter little Playmate, one problem she a ghost

Posted by SPONSBOB , 09 December 2012 · 329 views

At first I notes my daughter   playing  that game that you jump in the blocks except the one where you throw the rock in, Problem, she was 2 years old, never saw someone playing it. Then After a while she start calling this little girl Named Debbie, I am not afraid of ghosts I had a few of my own experiences with them. After some more time my daughter turn 3 and by that time we got used to Debbie being around, Debbie started to do things to show us that she is their but no attentions to hurt us. She was always around me and my daughter. She felled like a part of my family, One Night I set up my video recorder in the hall where my daughter was playing that jumping game, I caught Debbie on the Camera, The problem is that you can see her on a HD Screen and very difficult on other screens, Debbie touch us a few times even felt her sitting on my lap the one time, After time we had to move from that house and it looks like she stayed behind. I can see my daughter is missing Debbie and even me. I could feel the loneliness of her, Try to find out of the history of that house or area but no information available , Wanted to help Debbie to Cross Over before we moved, But failed to do so She is a helpless child and very lonely in the spirit world. I still think off her some times.

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