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i gotta rap

Posted by psychicjlee , 03 March 2011 · 127 views

here i am all alone
sitting here on my own
with nothing but my mind
im gonna try show you how deep the ocean goes
because i have a power
keep it unknown
for once its masterd i fear that ive grown
but i cant keep it in
i feel combustion is about to explode
corroding the roads that humans walk down blindfold
for me to make decisions on who i should expose
see i can read  person even when his mind is kept closed
because i am a being that was born without clothes
i have a tribe and their knowledge from my ancestrial heroes
i belong with my ties,ill represent even if its dry
when i say i can read stars
you think im a retard
well i tell you im hard
and its bout to go large
because my suffocations taking me beyond human restraint bars
unlike you who thinks the world is what you see,you be a dick you act real free
im thinking the world and it dont like what it see
understand everyone is not perfect
you say we where created by the hands of god
jesus was told otherwise
when he had known all along
now im saying the same
and you keep saying im wrong
so i smoke up on this bong
and give in
sorounded by evil
that man us brought upon
ive made peace with a couple spirits
but i asked first for their forgiveness
az my family doesnt understand
their rudeness about their presence
till the day i die
if i still make no sence
ill take on all the pain
and see the ultimte human suffering

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