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my skate

Posted by psychicjlee , 19 March 2013 · 225 views

pick up the slack ,pull up the pants and kick a little harder
keep on track dodging cracks, skip stones, breaking glass hauling ass
kick it by the stairway, sitting on grass ,put you in the past well show you who got class
we control the crowds yo we get street cred we can show you ways
hove the bro spin front foot catch off the roof of the shed over a spade
with a ambition to get persistant get top listed and dont let it hit the head
try not get arrested but its hard not to get rough being protested
so as a pack in the western packin smith'n'wesson kick backs on our underflip over a chained fence
blessed to be gifted with natural talent, access my mind in a instant have perfect balance on a quick transition
big in the buisness be a boss in the profession
we got agression you come out injured walk it out and learn your lesson
where this dude walks hes maps it out
with the condition of his shoes this dudes weathered some plants
going full bearings with a streetcher earing shades on
shredding steel, chip off the block carving concrete
i wanna see the logo of the cap hes wearing
what is beneath all the weight that he carries
he wears a big grin and in his heart he be winning
hits the grind like a dime on the sewer grating
powerslide the table top becuse i hold origonality
breezy flow keep it real smoke up the bowl or a pipe and work up the body heat
mad at me handle it battle and ill come shake you while im at the bottem of the ladder g
shake you up before i drop you
see i catch off the drop with enough reaction time to jump you
i hold my speed at a pace im still manuvuerable
ride or die im only out to kill the most lethal hills
the biggest gaps the longest rails
get my skate sheet have it  in brail
feel for the grip im on deck walked the plank got circled and went under
then blew out the hole of a killer whale
i try stay on me feet, i get outspoken poked and joked on
they want me in a slammer because im guilty yo
for splatting haters brains open, all the witnesses left jaw broken
eyes popped out their heads and their tounges swallowed
grabing by both ends i fire a heavy cannonball
all i wanna do is get board
get air
make snow
wave out of tunnel pulling hang tens getting wet toes
see that same troublemaker he can get a broken nose
ill have a skate around the world at every spot in a motor home

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