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hate unnecasary drama

Posted by psychicjlee , 12 May 2013 · 334 views

rap rhyme poem personal vent
statics spark close to the heart at the brain starts the transmission tearing apart my nerves triggers a bigger reaction of instantaneous damage where i find myself standing reckless heated up and breathless emotions start the acids and adrenaline kicks the habit of following my morals and virtues receiving a vengeance to reconcile make a post and stand it out fix it up by beating busting breaking it down just to crumble under the pressure of being the one to internally access the situation at all angles be at the best and im still at my worst with whatever i think up next because it only floats once out of the depths and im submerged clutching the vest thats my lifes jacket feeling the tip of the panic knowing a breech have my lungs collapse all i can do is shout once but conserving it wont diminish neglect or receive respect all i wanna do is burn at the wreck with the threat of my neck being put in a sect with sections of my spine supporting my back fully wrapped up in this rap with my mind the source for course of events where my sense of repents pretense in a vent where the prayers sent just come back red with the blood tracing my outlines through my veins i send a dead letter only to say the peace of the puzzle was only the struggle the picture becomes visible feasible natures creatures sensible with a capitol G inside him empty the house of pills so i can OD beside him any mother ****er wanna get it he can get it any mother ****er wanna take is going to have it thrown at his face with a taste of the case that he stood fully hate with the bait of his fake causing realism when it relates

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