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my undergoing unnecessary actions

Posted by psychicjlee , 25 October 2013 · 230 views

so here i am a person who constantly undergoes other peoples thoughts of attacks in regards to themselves putting up a barrier of protection as they speak words of negativity and hate thus giving them the understanding in that of which they have spoken comes true and they believe in themselves as they put another human down.
at the sake of the other human to undergo unnecessary actions of those who have not trained there minds to be able to comprehend.
they mislead themselves manipulating their own self and mind going forth to uncover more and more problems as they walk bringing it towards themselves like a magnet.
the problem lies within themselves and not that of the other human in which they start to blame them with the misconception and raise their guard in self defense as a self defense mechanism .
the problem cannot be solved with reasoning as the party involves three point of views many aspects and angles and it takes understanding of the problem,in this case it was the manner presented with the judgement of another in the wrong way of thinking in an attack for personal gains and comfort.
hurting someone does not make you stronger or better than them it just shares the negativity and makes people go on hurt and in pain that is not needed just because someone who has no control of there life or mind that they have to constantly put up with the battles of that of inferior minds.
teaching people that every one has their own way of life their own individuality and each person has their own path to undergo, that it is we cannot relate to one another or get to the point of things by just simply looking at someone and being able to read them or know who or what type of person he or she is.
we are all at our own individual level and experiences in each topic you wish to bring up and the mistake is first made when you hold the thought that you are better than someone else to begin with.
it is not fair to go and treat others wrongly just because you think you are the best or an expert, the best is given to those who are a role model not someone who is only thinking about himself in every situation just to gain for his own advancement.
this all starts from self centered thinking in which the accuser has not thought or does not know himself why he goes and tries to lower the morale of others as he finds comfort in those people being weak bowing their heads as they walk past to make him feel strong or better than he actually is.
having to much power can cause the greed for more power making irrational decisions in which he thinks highly of himself believing that he can go out and target on others misfortunes as he thinks he sees them as weak or stupid.
the fact is that it is you who has no knowledge in that matter.
i personally believe that people should share their kindness and loving and when in a position at the top, encourage those below him as yes he is the best but it wont last forever,  being able to teach makes one wise and the wiser you are and get the more control over your thought and actions bringing positive back to the world in a kind and righteous manner,

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