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From: Dark figure spotted in Ewell

Posted by Keymaker , 09 March 2012 · 493 views

Paranormal experts and monster hunters have been queuing up to give their interpretation of a mysterious "dark figure with no features" spotted in Ewell last month. ...


Thirst For knowledge

Posted by Keymaker , 07 July 2011 · 287 views

Just lately I have been on a real kick to learn more stuff about anything and everything I can. I am usually only really interested in a few subjects and they are Cryptozoology, UFO (the plausible less crazy stuff) and some paranormal activity and general mysteries (bermuda triangle, Oak island etc) however lately I have been devouring documentaries on...


Mexican Zone Of Silence

Posted by Keymaker , 25 May 2011 · 2,922 views
anomaly, silence, dead zone and 1 more...
The Mapimi Silent Zone or La Zona del Silencio in Bolsón de Mapimí, Mexico is an area of mountainous shrubbery not far from the Mapimí Biosphere Reserve. [ 26°41′29″N 103°44′44″W]

The area gets it's nickname "The Zone Of Silence" because according to people who have passed through there mobile phones, radios, GPS and...


Oak Island Money Pit

Posted by Keymaker , 24 May 2011 · 1,146 views
Money Pit, Oak island, bizarre
Now there is probably topic and talk on UM about the Oak Island mysteries but I felt like blogging it anyway. If you don't already know Oak Island is a uninhabited island in Lunenberg County, Nova Scotia, Canada [44°31′00″N 64°17′57″W]. The island is 40-acres and tree-covered and one of around 360 small islands in the Mahone Bay...


Interesting articles about Bees

Posted by Keymaker , 02 February 2011 · 546 views
wildlife, bees, nature
Both of the following information comes from New Scientist and concern fascinating facts about natures unsung heroes, Bees.

The first article reveals that Bee's follow polarized light through a maze system. "Bees navigate by the sun – so how do they manage when it's cloudy? It turns out that they read clues to the hidden sun's position in...


Tree rings record rise and fall of Rome

Posted by Keymaker , 15 January 2011 · 225 views
"An extensive study of tree growth rings says there could be a link between the rise and fall of past civilisations and sudden shifts in Europe's climate.

A team of researchers based their findings on data from 9,000 wooden artifacts from the past 2,500 years.

They found that periods of warm, wet summers coincided with prosperity, while political...


Some Veg grows in Space.

Posted by Keymaker , 15 January 2011 · 292 views
space, science
"Imagine this: you are on an outpost on Mars, and the pressurised greenhouse that is supplying your food and oxygen springs a leak. As its precious contents are exposed to the harsh vacuum of space, starvation beckons. But all is not lost if the leak can be plugged in time. It seems some plants can survive half an hour in a near-vacuum.



From: Humming in my Bed Room?

Posted by Keymaker , 05 January 2011 · 176 views


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