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From: Humming in my Bed Room?

Posted by Keymaker , 05 January 2011 · 134 views

Well  Lately I have been hearing humming in my bedroom late at night  One night I was cleaning and the humming was loud and clear sounded like a Female so I stop clean and stood quiet and listened and it stop  but when I continued to clean again the Humming started back up again I went to the other rooms and made sure the TVs werenít on but they were all turned off so was the Air conditioner and Heater and no one was home I thought I was hearing things so I went back to cleaning and it continued but when I stop to listened it would stop.. I donít know if thereís is something my house or and I just imaging things

Source: Humming in my Bed Room?

This post reminds me of an experience I had in my home, one of many.

One afternoon not unlike any other my mother and I were sat chatting over a cup of tea in the living room. We were the only two in the house at the time. As we chatted I thought I heard a faint noise from upstairs, as my mother spoke I listened to as hard as I could to the noise In the background while taking in what my mother was telling me in order to not look rude.

Eventually I had to ask her to stop and listen, she did and she heard it too. It was clearer now and was the sound of humming. To me it sounded female, light and tuneful. I couldn't place the tune as it just sounded like someone humming happily to themselves as they went about their work but it was there and I swear to it.

I could see by my mother's expression that she was a little scared by this as admittedly was I. I walked to the bottom of the stairs but as soon as I touched the bottom step the sound stopped. Our house is not attached to our neighbors on either side so It couldn't have been coming from next door. It was also a rainy day so the likelihood of it being someone in their garden is slim. What it was I don't know but I still get chills thinking about it.

that's odd you should ask the people in your home if they here it
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My mother heard it that day with me. I have also heard while alone in the house and she has heard movement upstairs whilst alone in the house.
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