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Some Veg grows in Space.

Posted by Keymaker , 15 January 2011 · 353 views

space science
"Imagine this: you are on an outpost on Mars, and the pressurised greenhouse that is supplying your food and oxygen springs a leak. As its precious contents are exposed to the harsh vacuum of space, starvation beckons. But all is not lost if the leak can be plugged in time. It seems some plants can survive half an hour in a near-vacuum.

Vacuum-like conditions are hostile to life both because they lack oxygen needed for respiration and because water, a component of many living things, boils quickly at low pressure.

To test how plants cope under these conditions, Raymond Wheeler of NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida and colleagues grew radish, lettuce, and wheat plants for 20 days in a chamber at normal atmospheric pressure. Then they pumped the air out, plunging the pressure to just 1.5 per cent of the average air pressure at sea level, for 30 minutes.

After the team returned the pressure to normal, all the plants continued to grow until being harvested a week later."

Pretty interesting right? Read more here.  B)

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