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Mexican Zone Of Silence

Posted by Keymaker , 25 May 2011 · 3,222 views

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The Mapimi Silent Zone or La Zona del Silencio in Bolsón de Mapimí, Mexico is an area of mountainous shrubbery not far from the Mapimí Biosphere Reserve. [ 26°41′29″N 103°44′44″W]

The area gets it's nickname "The Zone Of Silence" because according to people who have passed through there mobile phones, radios, GPS and many other things simply "die".

"On July 11, 1970, an Athena rocket belonging to the US Air Force apparently lost control and fell in the region. The rocket was carrying two small containers of cobalt 57, a radioactive element. Immediately, a team of specialists arrived to find the fallen rocket. The aerial search lasted three weeks. Finally, when the rocket was found, a road was built to transport the wreckage, along with a small amount of contaminated top soil. As a result of the US Air Force recovery operations there, a number of myths and stories relating to the area arose, including "strange magnetic anomalies that prevent radio transmission", mutations of flora and fauna, and extraterrestrial visitations." - From Wikipedia.

Whatever the reason is hundreds of people claim that nothing works in the area making it a technological dead zone.

Myth or real? Take a look at this great article and decided for yourself, http://tiny.cc/5xf7k

Solipsi Rai
May 25 2011 11:51 PM
What a mysterious place, something indicates the Bolson de Mapimi alike the Bermuda Triangle is a vortex-type of portal into another parallel universe.

To add further to the legend is the Mapimi could be the original homeland of the Aztecs about 1,000-1,500 years ago before they went south to settle the area around a lake to become the Aztec Empire, the forerunner of today's Mexico city.

In 1969 a hand-sized asteroid was spotted and landed near a village of Allende, not far from the Mapimi. Could it be related to what goes on there regularly? +
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Thanks for the comment I didn't know that there was a theory that early Aztecs could have settled there, that's quite interesting I'm going to look into it. I can't see how they could have altered the area to act in the way that it does? As for the asteroid that is interesting and poses questions that suggest the area has a lot of magnetic activity.
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