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Thirst For knowledge

Posted by Keymaker , 07 July 2011 · 337 views

Just lately I have been on a real kick to learn more stuff about anything and everything I can. I am usually only really interested in a few subjects and they are Cryptozoology, UFO (the plausible less crazy stuff) and some paranormal activity and general mysteries (bermuda triangle, Oak island etc) however lately I have been devouring documentaries on everything from history of the US (which I have never been interested in before) to "How Stuff's Made" and hitting up the History Channel and watching anything everything I have time for. I am also on a reading kick across the internet and Wikipedia (don't hate me!. I don't know what to put it down to but I best slow down as I only have 13% left on my TV's hard drive and a orderly line waiting to be recorded. Maybe when I phase out of this I will be a smarter person on the other side, who knows?

That is wonderful.  The same thing happened to me many years ago, and I pray I never stop craving information.  I finally had to get a two bedroom apartment so I have a room my library and need to make some adjustments to make space for "The Teaching Company" tapes and DVD's I am collecting, plus tapes and DVD's from a few other companies that do documentaries.  

Like you, it occurred to me, this information might prove useful in another life.  Like if I got to that big dining table in the sky, and had the good fortune of sitting to someone like Socrates or Cicero, I would not want to be embarrassed by ignorance, and suddenly had to learn everything I could.  But learning requires more than reading or watching a show and remembering a few things.  We must communicate what we are trying to learn to others, to really work that information into our brains, and that makes forums like this ideal.  

I wonder if we are in the Resurrection.  Like the huge population we have, could be the resurrection of those who lived before, through the process of reincarnation.  Archeologist, geologist and related sciences are resurrecting our past, and with the media and internet we can become aware of all we can know.  This mass consciousness is way different from past consciousness, and that brings us to the New Age.  That makes you and me a part of what is happening.
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I really enjoyed your comment, thank you :)
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