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Hypocritical wastes of time.

Posted by RedSquirrel , 19 May 2014 · 209 views

I'll admit it, I'm a terrible person. I do act like a hypocrite. I'm as flawed as everyone else.
But let us look at this objectively.

The dictionary.com take:
of the nature of...


Brain dump.

Posted by RedSquirrel , 12 May 2014 · 150 views
I just need to get this out of my head and onto a medium that I can observe. This is just my thoughts, feelings, ideas etc. Nothing here is supposed factual. Final disclaimer: ALL THAT FOLLOWS IS OPINION, you are free to disagree, agree, print it and use it as toilet paper, what ever you desire.

I suffer from two minds on many things. I find myself not...


My message to Aliens (If they exist)

Posted by RedSquirrel , 10 January 2014 · 314 views

The following is what I would send to ETs if they existed and I could relay a message.

Greetings Non Earthicans,

I hope all your endeavors are going well for you and your people. I am transmitting this to you so I may understand something.

I have a question:
On our planet (The third planet from the sun in this system, we call it Earth), we have a group...


Cedar apple rust goo. Not star snot. ;)

Posted by RedSquirrel , 21 March 2013 · 465 views
cedar, rust, goo, starsnot?, nope
Just had a bloom of cedar apple rust fungus on my cedar tree, Sure looks otherworldly, but is quite understood.
First time I saw it, I put some under a microscope, noticed it had a dual cell situation, called a local college and blammo, info was given.

I could see someone getting all sorts of crazy ideas though... I mean, it looks like the tree is...


Needed to keep the hands busy

Posted by RedSquirrel , 05 December 2011 · 277 views
crafting, mask, canine
Some packing tape, two cardboard boxes, a strip of leather, an old throw blanket, three glue sticks and two hours.

Cost of project: Free, had it all laying around.

Posted Image

Oh, what silly things my hands will do.


My thoughts on Marriage, including alternative relationships.

Posted by RedSquirrel , 29 November 2011 · 478 views
marriage, gay, straight, religion and 1 more...
Some words that I will use may be taken out of context. I will try to avoid that with a description of the words in my own thought.
This is what I mean when I say:
"Traditional relationships -or- Traditional (TR)": Marriage between a man and a woman of consenting age.
"Alternative relationships -or- Alternative (AR)": Any marriage...


Having fun with the ancient aliens (I guess art)

Posted by RedSquirrel , 18 October 2011 · 687 views
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos and 3 more...
In the spirit of fun and with Halloween so near, I felt like goofing off about the Ancient Alien fun. This is in no way an attack on either side of that wonderful debate, this is just fun.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
Posted Image

Erich von...


An open mind?

Posted by RedSquirrel , 15 October 2011 · 215 views
open, mind, faith, fact
I have read and heard time and time again to have an open mind. People from every angle demand it upon me, upon you.

So, as a starter and a mild tongue in cheek moment:

I have decided that for the next 24 hours I will believe everything.

So far I have assumed everyone is right and this is what I now "know":

Bigfoot and the other Yeti are...


My view on Non-Earth intelligent life.

Posted by RedSquirrel , 23 January 2011 · 252 views
Alien, UFO, abduction, faith and 1 more...
I have seen a lot of movement in the forums, debating the existence of Extra-terrestrial life.
There is nebulous evidence for the case, and sadly, only a lack of the first party's evidence as evidence against.

I will go on record stating that I do not believe that Earth is being visited by intelligent lifeforms from outside.

I wish we were. It...

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