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An open mind?

Posted by RedSquirrel , 15 October 2011 · 499 views

open mind faith fact
I have read and heard time and time again to have an open mind. People from every angle demand it upon me, upon you.

  So, as a starter and a mild tongue in cheek moment:

I have decided that for the next 24 hours I will believe everything.

So far I have assumed everyone is right and this is what I now "know":

Bigfoot and the other Yeti are dog people who are hyraxes who hang out with Nessie waiting for the alien ship to pick them up so they can have half reptoid hybrid children with Elvis. These Reptloids are the owners of Greys who chose to come to earth, change us from gibbons and leave some really odd information behind. In this information you can figure out the 10000000s of the ends of the worlds, that God is an alien, That God is not an alien, that aliens are from the hollow earth and the Thule Society are enslaving Angelina's kids. Scientology now has an underwater base in the Bermuda triangle where Tom Cruise takes pictures of rods, orbs and full floating spectral anomalies that we can communicate with via telepathy, astral travel and meditation. They want us to contact them so we can all shift our spiritual vibration to match Buddha's bellybutton so we can all enter the age of Aquarius. Once we are all there, skeptics will be left in a hellish earth that is slowly torn apart by solar flares, space ships and a gravity wave. In order to enslave our souls, the Reptoids have recruited the American (and only American) government to brainwash not only soldiers but the entire population of the earth. Part of the brainwashing is faking the moon landing, 9/11, JFK and Shredded wheat. All of this can be stopped if you buy a ShamWow and send in 5 box tops from your General Mills cereal. After all of this, all of out past lives will be made known, leading to embarrassment that EVERYONE was King Tut.

   Have I missed anything to believe in?

(In reality, I respect all people. I do not mean harm by this.. it is satire.)

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