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My thoughts on Marriage, including alternative relationships.

Posted by RedSquirrel , 29 November 2011 · 911 views

marriage gay straight religion government.
Some words that I will use may be taken out of context. I will try to avoid that with a description of the words in my own thought.
This is what I mean when I say:
"Traditional relationships -or- Traditional   (TR)": Marriage between a man and a woman of consenting age.
"Alternative relationships -or- Alternative   (AR)": Any marriage between two humans not falling under "Traditional".
"Legal Marriage"      (LM) : Any marriage or domestic partnership that is recognized by either State or Nation.
"Religious Marriage   (RM)" : Any marriage that is recognized by ANY faith.

  O.k. now that we have that out of the way, I hope that there will be very little misunderstandings.

While I was raised in a religion, I will try to view this on both sides. This is not a gay vs straight posting... this is a State VS Religion posting.

Marriage. It is not a constitutional right for anyone, not Gay, Straight or any shade between. (Constitution)
I think it is a fundamental right in the human experience. I believe that marriage is a very important human expression of love against time.

  There are really two options at this time, in my opinion, they are:
Religious Marriage and Legal Marriage.

If we are to only recognize LM, then any marriage in a church should not be recognized by the state.
If we are to only recognize RM, then state marriages should not happen.
If we recognize both (as we do now) then the state can choose to recognize a marriage that religion does not and religion should have the same right.

  Is marriage a religious institution? Is it a state institution?
It is both at this time. I do not believe that any religion has the right to tell the government what to recognize (Or not recognize). I do not believe that the Government has the right to tell a church what to recognize (Or not recognize).

The religions and the Gov both need to keep their fingers out of each other (Within reason, I do not want some religion to start marrying minors or extreme Alternative relationships, as in bestiality and forced marriage). I do believe that both marriages should be open to anyone, Gay, bi or straight.

The government should allow AR marriage as well as TR. It's a non-religious government (it has religious people in it, but that is it), and not being bound to any religious laws, should open the "wedding/civil union" for anyone.

Religion should be allowed to deny or allow (on an individual church/temple/whathaveyou) AR marriage.

I think (and this is my personal opinion) that any RM should not be recognized by the state unless the legal forms are submitted (as they need to be at this time, at least where I live, just went through it myself, what a pain), as a religion cannot order the state.

Should a religion have the right not not recognize your marriage? Sure. They should have the right to not recognize gravity, should they choose to delude themselves in that fashion.

  To sum up:
The Legal Marriage should be the only marriage recognized by the government and that should be open to Alternative Relationships.
The Religious Marriage should not be recognized by the government. It should be respected, but no governmental benefits without the legal papers.

   Alternative Relationships are built with people too, people that have dreams, pay their taxes, work hard and deserve the same status as Traditional Relationships.

For those of my faith, or any other faith that believe that "Gay" marriage is ruining the sanctity of marriage, as yourself this:
"Is every straight marriage exactly as your God desires?" and "Does what other people do reduce the glory of what I do?"

If AR is so dangerous to your idea of marriage, you have a very weak view of marriage in my opinion.

*Disclaimer* I only speak for myself. I do not represent any faith, creed or anything else for that matter. I may be wrong, I may have over simplified it. I may have been confusing, I apologize if any offense is taken on any side of this. This is only how I feel. It may or may not have any bearing on reality. Void where prohibited. May contain nuts and soy.

Thanks for your time.

Just read this and I really agree actually, and you wrote it very well! I'm not religious at all but I do like the idea of marriage eventually and I do believe marriage should be entitled to those who want it - you can't help who you love at the end of the day! :) (like you say minus beastiality etc thats a step too far ha ha). Very good post overall!
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Nov 30 2011 06:39 PM
Thank you, I struggle between two worlds... Faith and Logic. Sometimes they get along swimmingly, other times.. well... haha.

In the end, through either a divine force or through the random chance, we are all brothers and sisters on this rock. Being so, we should look out for each other, even when we do not agree.
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