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Cedar apple rust goo. Not star snot. ;)

Posted by RedSquirrel , 21 March 2013 · 883 views

cedar rust goo starsnot? nope
Just had a bloom of cedar apple rust fungus on my cedar tree, Sure looks otherworldly, but is quite understood.
First time I saw it, I put some under a microscope, noticed it had a dual cell situation, called a local college and blammo, info was given.

I could see someone getting all sorts of crazy ideas though... I mean, it looks like the tree is spattered with yellow globs!

Posted Image

ALIENS! Nope, just Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae.

Mar 21 2013 04:41 AM
Strange looking indeed. When I was a woodworker I used a lot of cedar. My computer desk, bookcase and cabinet I built of cedar. Very nice wood, but please don't tell this to your tree or it will hate me forever.
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beutiful it reminds me of something dali said ...
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