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A Mermaid's Wish

Posted by Still Waters , 27 March 2011 · 258 views

If I could have a wish come true
I know where I would be
Right there beside you
Just you and me

But I'm a simple mermaid
And you my lord......a king
Surrounded by your subjects
With no room for me to get in

I sit here quiet.....pondering
Looking out to sea
I watch the water calm and still
Do you ever think of me?

The moon shines bright above my head
Looking down at me
As I wish with all my heart
That you belonged to me

But I know that you don't see me
The way I see you
In my dreams......inside my heart
My love for you is true

Maybe one day you too will find
Your dreams are filled with me
The king beside his mermaid
And we can rule the sea

An ocean as our kingdom
Our blue and salty world
We would have such treasures
A diamond you....and me your pearl

There no-one would find us
So happy we could be
How I wish that dreams come true
But some things aren't meant to be

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Wow really touching I feel every emotion potrayed. Its beautiful.
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Still Waters
Mar 27 2011 06:55 PM
Thank you!  :)
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Mar 29 2011 03:51 PM
Thamk SW for the inspiring poem, Very well done my friend, :tu:
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Very nice one... Thank you for sharing .
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Still Waters
Mar 29 2011 06:17 PM
Thank you both...very much  :)
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