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My Window

Posted by Still Waters , 30 April 2011 · 229 views

From my window I can see....
Cruise boats sailing by
Filled with tourists out to sea
To see the world outside

From my window I can see....
The castle standing proud
Above the village down below
Above the shops and crowds

From my window I can see....
A rainbow's colours streaming
Is that a pot of gold I see?
Or are my eyes just dreaming?

From my window I can see....
The moon is peek-a-booing
Shining proud and shining bright
Past silky clouds there looming

From my window I can see....
Your face inside my mind
I wonder if you see me too?
And am I on your mind?

My head hurts now....my eyes are sore
I sigh.....I turn to go
Back into a world of darkness
Away from my window

I push my chair behind me
These images in my mind
I slowly get into bed
Reality.....then is blind

But memories I hold dear to me
These visions from long ago
As I gently drift off to sleep
I can see.... from my window

Apr 30 2011 11:26 AM
Very well written SW.. I enjoyed the poem.. :yes:
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Still Waters
Apr 30 2011 11:48 AM
Thank you  :)
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Love it ... Thx Dear .
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Still Waters
Apr 30 2011 07:02 PM
Thank you Persia  :)
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<peeks in your window........is that an armadillo?.......  :o
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Still Waters
May 02 2011 06:07 PM
Yes!  :rofl: ......and it has a nodding head like this too--------->  :yes:

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