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Christmas Eve.

Posted by Still Waters , 24 December 2011 · 442 views

It's 9.00pm Christmas eve here and all is quiet. I think I have everything ready for tomorrow's dinner, a turkey with all the trimmings.

When I was little tonight would be so exciting I could barely sleep, now I'm thinking back to those days, Santa coming and wishing it was morning already. It was fun waking up on Christmas morning to find a stocking on the end of my bed. I used to wake up and wriggle my feet to see if I could feel it. The rustle I'd hear told me he had been. My grandmother used to stay with us over Christmas and she would sleep in my room, she would sit and watch me look inside my stocking while pretending she didn't know what was in it, bless her as it was her who used to put the stocking on my bed! I remember the foot part always had an apple and orange stuffed inside it.

After that I'd rush into my brother's room to see what he'd had in his stocking, while mum and dad got up and then we'd all go downstairs for breakfast. Or what passed as breakfast, I was far too excited to eat!

When that was all done, we'd all go into the living room and open our presents. Then my dad would put Christmas carols on the record player, he loved his carols, and my mum and grandmother would go into the kitchen to see to the turkey dinner. Mum had put the turkey in oven hours before while the rest of us were still asleep. While they were doing that my brother and I would look at each others presents while my dad pottered about between us and the kitchen hoping to sample the turkey when it came out of the oven. My grandmother would chase him away  :lol:

Since then our family tradition hasn't changed much except nearly all those family members have gone, and our new family are too old now for a Christmas stocking. Still.....tomorrow I will be mum, and we will have a lovely day, and I will think back with fondness once again how Christmas day used to be when I was little.

Merry Christmas everyone, and if you're like me, happy memories too  :)

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