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Posted by Still Waters , 25 May 2011 · 268 views



My Window

Posted by Still Waters , 30 April 2011 · 230 views

From my window I can see....
Cruise boats sailing by
Filled with tourists out to sea
To see the world outside

From my window I can see....
The castle standing proud
Above the village down below
Above the shops and crowds

From my window I can see....
A rainbow's colours streaming
Is that a pot of gold I see?
Or are my eyes just dreaming?

From my...


The Rose

Posted by Still Waters , 02 April 2011 · 398 views

Sitting in the garden
My perfume fills the air
Sharp thorns do protect me
While people stand and stare

Butterflies come calling
With delicate wings in a flap
Their colours so appealing
White, yellow, red and black

"Hello Mr Bumble Bee
How are you today?"
He buzzes all around me
then swiftly flies away

Oh no!! here comes the...


A Mermaid's Wish

Posted by Still Waters , 27 March 2011 · 258 views

If I could have a wish come true
I know where I would be
Right there beside you
Just you and me

But I'm a simple mermaid
And you my lord......a king
Surrounded by your subjects
With no room for me to get in

I sit here quiet.....pondering
Looking out to sea
I watch the water calm and still
Do you ever think of me?

The moon shines bright above my...


My Brother and Me

Posted by Still Waters , 24 March 2011 · 337 views

When we were kids we would play
He used to look out for me
We had a lot of fun back then
My brother and me

Two years older than me he was
Not that anyone could tell
We were like two peas in a pod
He always picked me up, each time I fell

The years went by and we grew up
Not kids anymore
Adults now, going our separate ways
Different paths to explore




Posted by Still Waters , 22 March 2011 · 233 views

Deep down in murky water
She tries to hide away
Hoping no-one will see her
Too scared to come out and play

Peace and quiet is all she wants
To be left alone at best
So here she hides from prying eyes
At the bottom of Loch Ness

Cruise boats full of tourists
Each one hoping for a shot
Of Scotland's famous monster
But is she real or not?

So next time...


Your Photograph

Posted by Still Waters , 20 March 2011 · 205 views

Reaching for your photograph
To clear the dust away
You are looking back at me
And I can hear you say

"Always be yourself, my child
Don't live your life a lie
Show the world the real you
And hold your head up high"

These words I have remembered
Memories close and true
I wanted you to be proud of me
The way I'm proud of you

So thank you...

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