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Posted by RedDusk , 27 September 2013 · 280 views

So, update on my US NAVY stuff. My recruiter told me basically how to get the Rate (Job) in the Navy that I really want, EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit) I have been hounding for this job day one and he finally told me how to achieve it. First: Pass MEPS (Medical Examination) Check. Second Step: Swear in, Check Third Step: Pass a SEAL test (Generally...


Returning From the Ashes

Posted by RedDusk , 07 September 2013 · 228 views

It sure has been a while since I have come on U.M., much less updated a single post, but I have returned. I plan on staying till I leave for Boot camp. So, since it has been so long I shall update on about everything I can.

My name is Shawn, I prefer to be called Kelley. My pen name is Aadrian Kelley. At the current time I am in Delayed Entry Program (DEP...


New Future

Posted by RedDusk , 07 March 2012 · 146 views

Recently my fiancee and I have published a book together and I thought why not tell U.M. so good people of U.M. I give you the summary to Obsessed Curse.

Hell. The perfect place for love. At least that's what the Devil seems to think. When Andromedea first makes a deal with the Devil, she doesn't know her unborn daughter, who Lucifer has already...


Recently thought about it

Posted by RedDusk , 19 May 2011 · 204 views

I have realized the main cornerstone of my depression. I have no one to share my life with... So I am going to journy to find either a boyfriend or a girlfriend online or not. Tired of being alone

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