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Posted by Miss Shadows , 14 March 2014 · 429 views

To be edited/deleted/continued...

Satra gave me a devilish smile when she returned to our corner booth, creasing her lips as if to savor the feeling of some great outwittance. We were two women who'd woken up one Tuesday and decided that the rarity of a steady rain was better spent inside the nearest cafe, rather than an Arabic class on some dingy...


Temporary Bit

Posted by Miss Shadows , 09 May 2013 · 317 views

This is just something that came to mind and I thought I'd put it out here before bed. It's late, I'll work on it tomorrow.

I saw a woman today; she looked so familiar, I thought I knew her, but the more I chased for recollection, the farther she ran. Her eyes were so hard though her heart still soft. She wasn't ugly or old, nor pretty...


For Someone Special, 5 Things

Posted by Miss Shadows , 15 February 2013 · 513 views

1. Honesty. It's essential to intimacy, and I should never have to wonder if what you're telling me is the truth. It may not always be what I want to hear, but the best people in my life tend to be the ones who challenge me. I don't expect a lot of it from you--I expect nothing but; expect nothing less from me.

2. Intimacy. Relationships are...


A Little Bit About My First Tax Filing

Posted by Miss Shadows , 13 February 2013 · 359 views

Well I'm now 18 and March is on it's way, and for those who don't know what that means around here, it's tax time. Yes, death and taxes, neither one being all that more desirable than the other. First of all I've never done this before. I know what taxes are and why we have them, and earlier in the year I so confidently thought I'd...


My To-Do

Posted by Miss Shadows , 02 January 2013 · 556 views

Because I and my life are works in progress. Enough said.

In the next week...

-Call my sisters and brother
-Talk to at least 5 strangers
-Remember to take deep breaths, and lots of them

In the next year...

-Take some more. Lots more.
-Be a better aunt
-Be a better person
-Laugh like an unashamed idiot
-Finish my SW degree
-Forgive a few
-Talk to my...


Interracial Families and Marriages

Posted by Miss Shadows , 06 December 2012 · 831 views
relationships, marriage and 3 more...
I know these can be two fairly controversial topics for some people, but they're also two matters I'm really fascinated by, and I'd Love to get some other perspectives on it. Is 'marrying out of your race' wrong? Would you be bothered having a biracial family? And my big thing is, how common or uncommon is this? I spent most of the first...



Posted by Miss Shadows , in A Personal Project for Now... 17 November 2012 · 443 views

I continued to toy with a lime wedge even as an enormous figure strode towards my corner booth and slid in across the table from me. He gave me a warm, familiar smile, and yet his cool demeanor, height and build all served to emanate from him a foreboding uneasiness that’d have me shifting in my seat for minutes to come. Even the waiter who swung by to take...


You Know Who you are

Posted by Miss Shadows , 17 October 2012 · 663 views

I lay awake at night when you’re nowhere near
And the irony is, you’re practically here.
Endless questions and sleepless dreams
Sew seeds to imagination and surreal seams

Am I to live without your Love?
To hide my heart in vaults too deep?
To keep it somewhere dark and cold
Where warmth and affection could never seep?
Should I hide it somewhere far and...



Posted by Miss Shadows , in A Personal Project for Now... 16 October 2012 · 549 views

I awoke because of a stirring, some internal instinct to open my eyes, and face what I didn’t know. They’d put me in a private room on my second night here in this hospital where I’d come for lung-complications 5 days ago. Despite it being late night and very, very dark, everything from the stench of sterility to the clean, dull colors that surrounded me...



Posted by Miss Shadows , in A Personal Project for Now... 10 October 2012 · 432 views

I was going over the last of the day’s appointments at work in a deserted building; our last practitioner had left little more than an hour ago, it was minutes past 10. No sooner had I gotten up from the desk my cell phone began to sing in my pocket. I recognized the number and felt something in my stomach, a mix of anxiety and happiness before even reading...

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