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Interracial Families and Marriages

Posted by Miss Shadows , 06 December 2012 · 834 views

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I know these can be two fairly controversial topics for some people, but they're also two matters I'm really fascinated by, and I'd Love to get some other perspectives on it. Is 'marrying out of your race' wrong? Would you be bothered having a biracial family? And my big thing is, how common or uncommon is this? I spent most of the first 16 years of my life between Oakland, CA and Puerto Vallarta, MX. About a third of my family is Hispanic and I've never been bothered by that, but then again you're not so unlikely to find negative, exterior social repercussions for it. Speaking on personal experiences, I've run into troubles with dating, friendships, and even in my professional life because of the fact that I have ties to the Chicano community. It's unfortunate, to say the least, but I see that as society's issue; I feel that I've had my propensity for comprehending and enjoying culture multiplied many times over, and no matter how many people may look down on that it’s not something I’ll ever regret.

    Secondly, I’m primarily a Mestizo, Finnish, Scottish, and American. Based on what I know more extensively of my lineage/nationality, I’ll say I’m about 65-70 percent Caucasian, however very rarely have I ever been wholly attracted to someone else of that race. If I ever get married or sustain a meaningful, long-lasting relationship, then chances are it will not be with someone of Caucasian and American roots, and again some people might not agree with that but that’s just a sacrifice I’m willing to make, again, knowing that I gained so many positives from having that environment in my life and simply being of the conviction that interracial relationships are not wrong.

What is this, the 1960's? Why is this even being discussed? Lol...
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I have no problem with interracial families or marriages.  However, and I know not everyone agrees with me on this point and I'm aware it works for some people, I will not have any more relationships outside of my own culture.  I was in a 13 year relationship with someone from Japan and we had many problems due to cultural differences.  Relationships take enough work without adding to the problem.  I would probably not hesitate to have a relationship with women from Australia or most western European countries but definetly not Asia and probably not South America.  Dont get me wrong I really enjoy much about the different cultures of Asia and South America but differences in family roles and language, experience tells me it's not the optimum idea.
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Ever Learning
Dec 06 2012 05:34 PM
im all for intermarrige but it would feel weird for me to break the cycle of my ancestors, dont know if that makes me racist but if i do fall in love with some one of another race i dont think this would stop me.
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There is definitely nothing wrong with interracial relationships/marriages. My belief is you should look beyond race/colour, yes people of other countries do have different culture's but just because they come from a different country or way of being raised doesnt mean there is something wrong. You have to really get to know the person and who they are on the inside rather than seeing whats on the outside. Of course,everyone is different and will think differently but if people who never gave it a chance take the time to get to know someone of a different culture or race they may see something they have missed before :)
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For myself, I see nothing wrong with interacial relationships. I don't care if any of my friends were in one either. Quite frankly, I tend to enjoy the different perspectives people of other races and nationalities may have.

That said, there are likely certain ones which don't mesh well with my own thoughts, but that then comes down to the individual not functioning in a manner that is compatible with me (and vice versa).

In my life I've come to enjoy the diversity I've experienced when getting to know individuals regardless of their race or nationality. I always try to judge everyone simply based on who they are as a human being and not the stereotypes placed upon them due to the faults of man (as opposed to the individual themselves).

The biggest hindrance when it comes to interacial relationships may be the sacrifices it will cost you amongst your family (if they are disapproving), as well as other aspects of life potentially.

The relationship itself is purely a personal thing experienced with another. I'd hate to think I'd overlook having one with someone who could bring great joy and love into my life simply because they don't have the same colored skin as me.
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