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No More Internet

Posted by Ashotep , 08 September 2011 · 213 views

I got a email from my internet provider today and they are going to stop providing service for this area we live in.  The only time I will be able to go on line when it is finally shut off is when I am at someone else's house.  I don't know when they will do this they didn't say but I think it will be soon.  My internet connection was pretty bad anyway.  Anytime I wanted to post a picture or watch a video I had to go to someone else's house so I guess I'm not loosing much.  I guess I shouldn't put all the blame on my internet provider you should see our telephone lines in this area.  On the ground half the time with trees over them and they take forever to repair them.  The government gave Windstream a grant to update their phone lines so we could get high speed internet and I think they spent it all on updating their stuff in town and said the heck with us.  I'm probably lucky I have a phone at all.  A cell phone isn't a option either, you can't get out here on one.  If I could I would have my land line taken out.

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