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Getting Satellite Internet

Posted by Ashotep , 01 March 2013 · 337 views

This last month my internet has only worked for about 8 days.  I amazed its working right now but then again they send the bill out tomorrow so it shouldn't surprise me.  I've complained to those people so much they blocked me from calling them.  I emailed them and asked if they did and they evaded the question so I took that as a yes.  Don't...


Internet problems

Posted by Ashotep , 12 March 2012 · 298 views

The last company I had internet with dropped everyone in this area. I was so hopeful the new place would be an improvement but it wasn't. Over Christmas it was out then again new years. Since they were new I didn't grip about it to them, I thought they would get things straightened out given a little time.

Well they didn't, the end of...


Found Old Graves

Posted by Ashotep , 20 January 2012 · 284 views

Finally found those old graves I was talking about last summer. I was about to give up when someone yelled they had found them. I thought there was only going to be two but there is more like six. Some of them are children. A couple had headstones but the others were marked only with a rock. The graves are about five or six hundred feet from where the...


Internet Is Gone

Posted by Ashotep , 01 October 2011 · 138 views

My internet was shut off last night. The company I was with stopped providing service for our area. Another company is going to provide our area with service but it will be the middle of the month before they will have a local phone number to use. I am going to go ahead and sign up Monday so I will have another email address for UM but you won't see...


The House

Posted by Ashotep , 27 September 2011 · 259 views

This is the first story I have written in a long time. I am a amateur and no Stephen King but I try. It has a ghost and murder in it and I hope at least some of you will like it.

The House

written by...


No More Internet

Posted by Ashotep , 08 September 2011 · 153 views

I got a email from my internet provider today and they are going to stop providing service for this area we live in. The only time I will be able to go on line when it is finally shut off is when I am at someone else's house. I don't know when they will do this they didn't say but I think it will be soon. My internet connection was pretty bad...


Murder at the Creek

Posted by Ashotep , 27 July 2011 · 117 views

Here's a story you might find interesting. This farm I live on has been in my husbands family since 1876. Sometime around then when they settled on this farm there was a double murder. It took place down at the creek.

A man and his son in law went down to the creek while his wife and daughter stayed at the cabin. They were looking after the...


Taking Time to Smell the Flowers

Posted by Ashotep , 24 July 2011 · 138 views

Here's the pictures of the dear. I thought the one of the babies smelling the flowers was cute. You rarely see a buck in the yard. Unless something unusual happens there won't be anymore pictures of dear, promise.


Too Cute not to share

Posted by Ashotep , 23 July 2011 · 100 views

I have a very cute picture of two baby dear you must see. Tomorrow I will be going to someones house that has much better internet than I do. I will upload them there.


Pictures of Creek where I swim

Posted by Ashotep , 22 July 2011 · 126 views

When I talk about going swimming this is where I am going. It's on our farm and is one of the cleanest creeks in the state. Where I like to swim is about 10 feet deep and you can still see the bottom.

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