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My Aunt and her chain emails

Posted by Ashotep , 21 July 2011 · 228 views

I got yet another chain email from my aunt, the same one that told me that seeing the ghost of my cat is the devil. I have told her more than once not to do that, yet she ignores me. She is giving my email address out to people I don't even know. Why do people do that? You tell them something they are doing bothers you and you want them to stop but...


Pictures of dear

Posted by Ashotep , 17 July 2011 · 79 views

Here is a picture of the mama dear and her twins. About 6pm I had a herd of them in my front yard. When I went to leave one would not move until I started backing up.


The dear in my front yard

Posted by Ashotep , 14 July 2011 · 90 views

I don't understand why the dear in my front yard aren't afraid of me. A bunch just came running out of the woods and could see me standing in front of the window looking at them but yet they just looked back at me then kept on eating. I have often caught them in the horse lot where I keep the salt block licking on it and they just keep on licking....



Posted by Ashotep , 11 July 2011 · 75 views

I have this cute picture of a mama dear and her twins but I can't seem to get it to attach to my blog. I have tried several times, thought it might be my slow internet so I have tried first thing in the morning. What am I doing wrong? I won't give up, I may have to host it somewhere then insert the image code.


Had a Good 4th

Posted by Ashotep , 05 July 2011 · 70 views

Went to my son's house and spent most of the day. We put some ribs on the grill, made baked beans and french fries to go with it. I think the best thing was the home made ice cream. Haven't done that in a while and it was sooo good. When it came time to use the bowflex I just about couldn't do it. I didn't do half of what I usually do...

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