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Hospital stay..

Posted by fawkes2 , 30 December 2010 · 99 views

Today is exactly a month from when l was released.
Back on September 21 2010, l suffered a mild stroke. It affected the right side of my brain lobe. The doctor told me, my left side was affected. I did not have all symptoms, l was not paralyzed, l could feel everythingand l could swallow fine.
I could not walk good so l used a wheelchair for along time, until l got my strength back.
I healed 100% back to what l was before the stroke. All in all l was in the hospital for over three months. I'm so glad to be home for the holidays and to be home with my family.
efore the stroke l took tife for granted, not anymore.
Being in this situation sure changed my views about this world  B)

Dec 30 2010 10:23 PM
Sure do wish you all the very best, Do take good care,
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